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Where is the ADT Alarm Certificate for Insurance?

Last Updated Aug 30, 2021
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After installing your ADT alarm, one of the first things you might be looking for is your ADT Alarm Certificate. In some cases, having an alarm certificate can make a big difference in how much you end up paying for homeowner’s insurance on your property.

A copy of your ADT Alarm Certificate can be downloaded at the ADT Website under System Management. Many insurance agencies will accept this certificate as an email attachment, but it can also be printed for a physical copy. Downloading the certificate requires signing in to your ADT account.

Even if you get your ADT alarm certificate, that may not be the only documentation you need to keep on your ADT security system. Read on to learn more about alarm certifications and why you need to keep them on hand.

Where to Find the ADT Alarm Certificate

If you’re looking for your ADT Alarm Certificate to provide for your home insurance provider, this documentation can be found at ADT’s main website. Here’s a procedure for getting a copy of your ADT Alarm Certificate:

  • Access ADT’s main website and click Log In in the top righthand corner of the webpage. Once you’ve reached the next page, click on MyADT.

  • Under the MyADT tab, click on My Alarm.
  • Under the My Alarm tab, click on System Management. From here, select Certificate of Management. From here you should be able to download your ADT Alarm Certificate.

After downloading a digital copy of your ADT Alarm Certificate, you can either save a digital copy onto your computer hard drive/smart device, or you can print out a physical copy. If you ever lose your copy of your ADT Alarm Certificate, you can always log back in and download it again later.

You should also note that a wireless Internet connection is necessary for downloading your ADT Alarm certificate. You can also use the data plan on your smartphone or smart device if a wireless connection is unavailable.

What If You Can’t Access Your Certificate?

If you get into your account at ADT and you can’t get your certificate to download or print, your next option is to contact ADT’s customer support through the main website. Customer support should be able to provide a solution and also a copy of your certificate.

You can reach customer support through live chat on ADT’s website, or you can call their toll-free phone number (1-800-806-2937) to speak to a live representative. (Source: ADT)

Is It Illegal to Not Have Your Alarm Certificate?

If you’re operating your ADT alarm system and you don’t have a copy of your alarm certificate handy, it’s not a big deal unless you’re trying to get a discount on homeowner’s insurance or your munincipality requires an alarm permit.

What Is an ADT Alarm Certificate?

An ADT Alarm Certificate is a certificate that proves you have a working alarm security system on your property. This certificate contains information about where the alarm system was installed, when it was installed, and when the monitoring expires. The Alarm Certificate also notes which types of ADT security systems you have (Source: Your Home Security Expert):

  • Monitored Fire Protection
  • Monitored Security Protection
  • Monitored Carbon Monoxide Protection
  • Police Emergency

For this reason, it’s a good idea to get an updated version of your alarm certificate whenever you renew your subscription to ADT monitoring services. This proves that you have a monitoring system that is currently in use.

Why Do You Need an ADT Alarm Certificate?

Many insurance companies will offer discounts on your home insurance premiums if you have a monitored security system installed on your property. The alarm certificate serves as documentation and proof that you have the system active and working. Since having a security system makes the home safer, this can earn you a cheaper insurance rate.

An ADT Alarm Certificate may also be required if your local ordinances require you to get an alarm permit. In this case, the alarm certificate acts as documentation when you apply to have your alarm system approved by local licensing departments. 

What Is an Alarm Permit?

An alarm permit is somewhat different than an alarm certificate. While an alarm certificate is documentation proving you have an alarm system, an alarm permit is documentation giving you permission to have it. (Source:

To combat false alarms that may tie up law enforcement agencies, many local governments may require a permit to keep any security system that makes noise or alerts law enforcement in case of a triggered alarm.

It’s a good idea to note that if you move, you may need to apply for a new alarm permit for your security system that reflects your new address. In this case, you’ll also need an updated copy of your ADT Alarm Certificate with your new address on it for permit documentation. (Source: Ring Support)

ADT Alarm Certificates Are Important Documents

Since ADT alarm certificates can help you save money on your home insurance and can also be used to provide proof of your alarm system for an alarm permit, it’s a good idea to keep both a digital and a physical copy of this file for your home records.

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