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Where Are Traeger Grills Made?

Last Updated Mar 2, 2022
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If you are a grill lover, you have probably heard of Traeger Grills and either have one already or are thinking of getting one so that you can impress your guests with top-of-the-line grilled meals. There’s a lot to know about Trager Grills and specifically how they differ from other name brands, but first let’s answer the question you’re dying to know: where are Trager Grills made?

Traeger Grills were made in the USA until 2006, however, when the company was purchased from the Traeger family, production was moved to China.

You may be wondering just what makes a Traeger Grill so special? And if moving the manufacturing plants overseas has tarnished the Traeger reputation. We are about to discuss everything you could possibly need to know about Traeger Grills, so keep reading if you want to be not only a grill master but also a Traeger Grill expert.

Where Traeger Grills Are Made

Traeger Grills are currently manufactured in China. While many people still see Traeger as an all-American company, the truth is that to keep up with demand and successfully produce grills within the user’s desired price point, the USA is no longer a viable option.

Where Did Traeger Grills Start?

While we will learn more about Joe Traeger in the next section, it’s important to know where it all began! Traeger started creating and manufacturing wood-pellet grills in Oregon, and production stayed in Oregon until he sold the company in 2006.

Can I Still Get a US Made Traeger Grill?

Unfortunately, you can no longer purchase a new Trager Grill that was made in the USA. Of course, if you find a vintage or used model that was made before 2006, you will have an authentic American-made Traeger Grill! But they may be a bit hard to find in good condition.

Although you may read online that Traeger headquarters are located in Salt Lake City Utah, there are no grills made there.

Are There Factories Anywhere Else?

At the moment, Trager factories are located solely in China, however, as the company expands, we may begin to see factories pop up in other countries. We really doubt they will ever move production back to the USA, but you never know!

When & Why Did Traeger Production Move to China?

Joe Traeger began creating the incredibly popular Traeger Grill in 1985, and he had enough foresight to patent his ingenious wood pellet burning grill. However, the patent expired in 2006, and since then, several other companies have begun producing similar grills.

When Did Production Move to China?

Joe decided that instead of competing with other brands, he would sell his beloved Traeger Grills for a hefty $12.4 million. Up until he sold the company in 2006, Traeger grills were American-made and production was located in the state of Oregon.

Once the new owners took over, they decided to move manufacturing over to China.

Why Did Production Move to China?

The move was financially motivated, and to keep up with the new competitors, they felt they have to move overseas to China to lower the production cost, and therefore consumer price. Although it’s important to note that Traeger Grills are still some of the more expensive options on the market.

Are Traeger Grills Still High-Quality Products?

This is a tricky question, and it has been debated amongst pellet-grill lovers for the past decade. The general consensus is that unfortunately, yes.

Since Traeger Grills was purchased by a larger company that moved production from America to China, the high-quality grills have lost a bit of their perfection.

While most grills, and most machines at this point, are made in China and not in the USA, it’s hard to say whether the grills are truly less impressive, or if people prefer their grills to be American-made.

Looking for an American-Made Pellet Grill?

If the location of manufacturing is important to you, there are several wood-pellet grills that will give you the same user-friendly experience and top-notch taste that are made right here in the USA. Grilla Grills and Cookshack are two of solid options!


Traeger Grills are now made in China, instead of the USA, and while some users have complained that they can tell a big difference in the two production values, it has not been enough to take Traeger out of the game.

In fact, Traeger still sells twice as many wood pellet grills as any other name brand each year! And with their new WiFi thermostat technology, that number might even grow.

Traeger grills are still extremely easy to use and produce some of the best tasting meat of any grill on the market. So if you can get past the “Made in China” sticker, you may just find yourself with a machine that will change the way you grill (and eat) forever.

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