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Where Are Eufy Cameras Made?

Last Updated Jan 30, 2022
small white security camera

Eufy cameras are among the best security cameras in the market. Many people choose to buy Eufy security cameras for their home or business because they are high quality, and they don’t require additional fees that come with a monthly subscription.

With their rise in popularity, many people have started to wonder where these cameras are made. Eufy Cameras are made by a company called Anker Innovations which is a Chinese brand, and therefore made in China.

When it comes to security equipment, there are lots of concerns regarding the collection of information, and what happens to any stored data. It’s very common to wonder where security cameras are made, along with the reputation of the company that makes the, Keep reading to find out more information about where Eufy cameras are made, and more surrounding Eufy production.  

Who Makes Eufy Cameras?

As mentioned, Eufy security cameras are made by Anker Innovations. This is one of the most trusted electronic brands by consumers. They offer all sorts of electronic products ranging from simple items like wireless chargers and portable chargers to more complex brands like Eufy.

Products made by Anker Innovations, including Eufy products, are made in Changsha, Hunan, China.

Why Are People Concerned About Eufy Products Produced in China?

Many companies choose to take their manufacturing overseas because labor and materials are extremely cheaper. Without all of the labor laws that are in place in the US, companies that manufacture goods in countries like China, the Philippines, and other countries in Asia are able to save a ton of money when it comes to production.

Although many North American companies manufacture their products in China to cut costs, this is not the case with Anker because they are a Chinese brand. Therefore, you should not be concerned about whether Anker is trying to cut costs by manufacturing in China as they aren’t producing their products there to skirt labor laws.

In recent years, many consumers have come to distrust some overseas companies when it comes to apps and electronics. These concerns often arise out of the idea that companies can spy on people through these products.

In response to these concerns, many brands have tried their best to hide that their products are made in China. But, Eufy does not hide that it is a Chinese brand as they are always upfront and honest with their customers.

In recent years the concern about Chinese products has only increased. Many countries like Australia and the US have banned the Chinese brand Huawei from selling their phones in their country.

This ban doesn’t apply to Eufy cameras, however, as the US government considers them to be a safe product for Americans to use. They can be difficult to find as most American stores don’t carry the cameras because of shipping costs. Currently, the only US retailer where Eufy cameras can be found is Amazon.

As Eufy claims to be one of the most trusted electronic brands in the US, many customers are very happy with their Eufy products. And Eufy cameras are not the only product American’s use that is produced in China.

How Do I Know My Data is Safe with Eufy?

Eufy cameras have many options on how you can use them. One of the options is to save your video images and feed them to a local SD card. This means your video images and feed are stored locally on the device and not online.

Many users find this option to be inconvenient, however, so they prefer to use the cloud option provided by Eufy. This can be concerning to some people who are worried about the Chinese government stealing their data.

However, if you are that worried about your data being stolen, you should know that any Android, Apple, or Samsung gadget you have in your home contains parts that are also made in China and may be able to spy on you the same way.

Therefore Eufy camera using the local SD card for storage keeps your data safer than storing it on your iPhone or Android device would be.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are interested in purchasing a Eufy camera, you should be aware of where they are made before you purchase one. There is nothing wrong with buying something from a Chinese company, especially if it is a product you think could make your life easier.

Whether or not you choose to purchase a Eufy security camera is entirely up to you. Keep in mind that these cameras are often cheaper than other alternatives and are very high quality. At least now you can be more aware of where Eufy cameras are made before you make your purchase.