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When Does Cash App Weekly Limit Reset?

Last Updated Jan 13, 2023
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Cash App is a popular mobile payment service. It is also available in the United Kingdom, but it is primarily used in the United States. Cash App makes sending money easy, but it does have a weekly limit. You may wonder when that resets so you can use it again.

As a general rule, the Cash App weekly limit does not reset on a specific day of the week. Instead, it resets depending on when the previous transaction was done and for how much. Some variables can change this process.

Cash App can be a very practical, making it easy to send and receive money via smartphone or other mobile device. If you are interested in finding out when the Cash App weekly limit resets and how it works, read below. 

When Does the Cash App Weekly Limit Reset?

Cash App was launched in October 2013, when it was initially developed by Block. It has since attracted over 70 million users who frequently send and receive money through the platform. The app does have a weekly limit, and knowing about it can impact how you use it.

The Cash App weekly limit follows a rolling system. It is influenced by when the transaction that reached the weekly limit was made. One week after that, you will be able to send money again.

Let’s take a look at how the Cash App weekly limit works and how it resets. You will also have some options when it comes to increasing this limit.

How Does the Cash App Weekly Limit Work?

Cash App has a weekly limit for sending money. In a seven-day period, you can send up to $250. You can also receive up to $1,000 in a thirty-day period. Once you send a transaction that reaches that $250 weekly limit, you will not be able to send any more until a week has passed.

It doesn’t matter which day of the week you sent the transaction. Cash App does not have a specific day when the limit resets. Being aware of how this weekly limit works will help you plan your Cash App transactions so that you can get the most out of them.

This limit works on the dot. If you hit your limit on a Monday at 4 pm, you will have to wait until a minute past 4 pm the following Monday to send another transaction. That is when the weekly limit will reset.

This system doesn’t take into account business days, but it is always seven days exactly after the transaction reached the limit.

How Does the Cash App Limit Reset?

The Cash App limit stops you from making any more transactions once you have made a total of $250 in a week. Once that limit is reached, you will not be able to send a new transaction until the seven days have passed.

The Cash App limit resets automatically once the week has gone by. At that point, when you next open the app, you will see that you can now send money once more. You won’t have to do anything to reset the limit other than wait seven days until you try again.

To avoid having to wait, keep an eye on your weekly transactions to make sure they don’t amount to over $250 within the seven-day period. You can also organize your transactions in such a way that you split them across the seven days without passing that limit until the end of the week.

Regardless of how you send money with Cash App, as long as you’re aware of the $250 weekly limit, you will still be able to enjoy its benefits.

How to Increase the Cash App Weekly Limit

The Cash App weekly limit can get in the way at times, especially if you are looking to make larger transfers. You can increase this limit if you need to have a higher weekly sending allowance.

To increase the weekly limit, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Submit your full legal name.
  • Provide the last four numbers of your social security number.
  • Provide your full date of birth.

You can enter all this information in the app. Once you do so, your account will be verified. With a verified account, your weekly limit will increase. You will be able to send up to $7,500 per week after your account is verified. The receiving limit will also become unlimited.

Usually, you will be automatically prompted to enter the information needed to verify you when you reach your weekly limit. This makes it easier to go through the process. If you are using Cash App long-term and if you are looking to make larger payments during the week, this is a good option to consider.

Verifying your account will give you even more perks, all accessible via Cash App on your smartphone. You may not need to verify it if you are content with the basic weekly limit of $250.


Cash App does not have a specific day for the weekly limit reset. The reset automatically will happen once seven days have passed from the day you made the transaction that took you over the $250 limit. There is a way to increase this limit if you require it.