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What’s the Difference Between Roku Ultra LT and Roku Ultra?

Last Updated Jun 30, 2022
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Streaming services are more popular than ever now, and many people are switching from cable to only streaming. Roku devices are one of the most popular options for people who only use streaming to view their content. However, there are also different Roku devices to choose from that can suit different streaming situations better depending on personal circumstances.

The difference between the Roku Ultra LT and Roku Ultra is that the Roku Ultra is pricier and has Dolby Vision. However, the Roku Ultra allows you to stream further away and gives you faster streaming speeds.

There are many features that both of these Roku devices can provide for your streaming situation. Continue reading to determine which Roku device will suit your needs better and save you money.

Price Difference between Roku Ultra LT and Roku Ultra

You can obtain the Roku Ultra LT for around fifty dollars. On the other hand, the Roku Ultra goes for roughly 100 dollars. Therefore, the price of these devices will change depending on where you get the devices. However, no matter where you go, the Roku Ultra will always cost more than the Roku Ultra LT because it provides more features.

Is the Streaming Quality Different Between Roku Ultra LT and Roku Ultra?

The difference in streaming quality between the Roku Ultra LT and the Roku Ultra is that the Roku ultra uses Dolby vision. Dolby Vision enhances brightness, colors, and contrast while streaming your content. In addition, you can use Dolby Vision in conjunction with 4K to ensure that you have the best visual streaming experience possible.

With the Roku Ultra, you can stream further away and faster than you would with the Roku Ultra Lt. You can also program your buttons with the Roku Ultra, which you cannot do with the Roku Ultra Lt.

To use Dolby Vision when you get the Roku Ultra, you must check that your TV is compatible with it. Older TVs will be unable to use the Roku Ultra’s Dolby vision. If you have an older TV, it would be best to use the Roku Ultra LT so that you save money. It would be pointless to get the Roku Ultra if your TV cannot use Dolby vision.

Also, if better color effects do not matter to you, the Dolby Vision is useless. The price difference between the Roku Ultra and the Roku Ultra Lt is the use of Dolby vision. So, if colors do not matter to you, you can save money by getting the Roku Ultra LT instead.

Can you Turn Off Dolby Vision on your Roku Ultra?

There may be times when you do not want to use Dolby vision on your Roku Ultra. Fortunately, you can follow the effortless steps below to turn your Dolby Vision off while streaming.

  1. Enter your settings menu
  2. Change HDR mode
  3. Disable HDR

Some people prefer the Dolby Vision off for certain shows or movies they stream and prefer it for other content. You can control how you stream so that your visuals match your streaming preferences perfectly.

What Features do the Roku Ultra LT and Roku Ultra Have in Common?

The Roku Ultra LT and the Roku Ultra have several features that can make your streaming experience enjoyable.

The following are features that both devices have in common:

  • A voice-controlled remote.
  • The ability to plug your headphones into the remote so you can listen privately.
  • A selection of included content when you buy the Roku device
  • Voice-controlled remote so that you can search for shows and movies easily.
  • Headphones are included for both Roku devices.
  • Both Roku devices include an HDMI cable to hook up to your TV.

Setting up the Roku Ultra or Roku Ultra LT is easy. It will take you less than five minutes to hook up your Roku device to your TV using the HDMI cable provided. Once everything is hooked up, you can select whichever streaming service you like and stream the content you want to watch without using cable.

Final Thoughts on the Roku Ultra LT and Roku Ultra

Most people are transitioning from using cable to only using streaming services. Streaming services make enjoying content easy and reduce the number of ads you need to watch. Plus, when you use streaming to watch the content that you want, you can view whatever you want whenever you want and not have to adjust your daily schedule.

Both the Roku Ultra LT and Roku Ultra provide several features that can make your streaming experience relaxing. However, when you use the Roku Ultra, you will have access to faster streaming speeds and Dolby vision. If those additional features do not interest you, then you can save money by using the Roku Ultra LT instead.

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