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What To Do When Your Samsung TV Screen Goes Black

Last Updated Mar 4, 2022
black screen smart tv

Settling in to watch your show is the most exciting, yet relaxing, part of the day. So imagine the pure agony when you turn your TV on, ready to chill out, and you’re met with a black screen. Not only is it annoying, but it might also be slightly concerning; TVs are expensive!

If your Samsung TV screen goes black, and you know the television is working properly, there are several problems that could be occurring. 

  • A lack of connection.
  • The television is set to the wrong input source. 
  • It is not the television, but instead a problem with an external device. 
  • An update is needed. 
  • Power saver mode or sleep timer is on. 
  • The screen is broken. 

The good news is, each of these problems has a solution! In this article, we are going to go through each of these possible issues, including how to find out which one your Samsung television is facing, and most importantly, how to fix it!

Why Is Your Samsung TV Screen Going Black?

As you now know, there are a few reasons why your Samsung television may be going black, in this section, we will go through each of these potential problems in depth so you can not only understand your device a little better but also learn how to solve the issue!

No Connection

If you are experiencing a black screen on your Samsung television, there is a chance that your TV is simply not connected properly to whichever device you are using to watch your entertainment. 

Whether you are enjoying over-the-air broadcast, a streaming device, or a cable box, the good news is that all you will need to do is re-connect the cables which join them to your television. 

After checking each cord to make sure it is properly connected, and the problem is still occurring, you may want to check to see if the cables are faulty in some way. Often the plug will fall out of the wall if it is too loose, or the ends of the cables will be bent or even displaying the inner wiring. 

However, if it does not seem to be a problem with your cable connection, there are certainly other issues that could be causing the black screen. 

Wrong Input Source

If you are like most Americans, you probably have several different devices hooked up to your Samsung television. When a TV displays a black screen, it could be because it’s simply set to the wrong source for the device you are trying to watch. 

To fix this problem, you just need to press the INPUT button on your remote control or on the television itself until your picture pops up!

It’s Not the TV, It’s An External Problem

While a black screen may seem like a problem with your Samsung television, it could actually be another device that is to blame! 

You can test this theory by once again changing your input source and seeing if other machines, other than the one that you were trying to use, is displaying the desired picture. 

For example, if when connected to your Fire TV, the image is perfect, but when you change the source to connect to your cable box it goes black, then it’s the box you will need to deal with. 

Luckily, no matter which device is having a problem, the solution is essentially the same: simply reset the device! Usually, this can just be done by turning it off for a few minutes and back on again. 

Still seeing a glaringly black screen? Don’t stress yet, there are a few more options to try. 

Your Samsung TV Needs an Update

Possibly the simplest solution on our list, you may just need to run an update on your Samsung TV!

Most of us select skip when the notification pops up that our devices need an update, but when you pt off an update, your machine usually begins to run slower and a few annoying glitches will pop up. 

To see if this is your issue, go to the MENU and then SETTINGS option on your television. Then find and run any available updates!

Power Saver or Sleep Timer is On

In order to ensure your Samsung TV is not just turning it off because it is set to the incorrect settings, i.e. the power saver or sleep timer options are set without your knowledge or to timings that are making your TV screen go black at seemingly random times. 

You can fix this problem easily by using your remote to select MENU, then SETTINGS, and either selecting the eco or power saver or the sleep timer option and ensuring they are both set to off. 

Easy enough right? If your screen still isn’t turning back on, there’s one more problem your Samsung television could be facing.

Your Samsung TV Screen Is Broken

If none of these solutions did the trick, you probably are experiencing the most unfortunate problem: some part of your actual television screen is malfunctioning. At this point, you will need to call a Samsung technician to come to check it out. 

Final Thoughts

When your Samsung TV goes black at inconvienent times, it can be extremely frustrating! 

The great news is, you now understand how to find out what the problem is, and even how to fi it yourself, so you can get back to enjoying your Samsung TV!