Samsung TV HDMI Ports Not Working – Troubleshooting Tips

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When a smart device fails to function properly, it causes a ton of anxiety and frustration. This stress is doubled when it comes to an expensive device like your Samsung TV, especially the particularly annoying malfunction that is a faulty HDMI port! Luckily, Samsung is known for its top-level support network, and finding the answer for what to do when the HDMI ports stop working on a Samsung TV shouldn’t be a difficult process! 

If the HDMI ports are failing to function properly or are not working at all on your Samsung TV, ascertaining the exact cause can be hard to determine. Therefore, Samsung recommends that you attempt a series of troubleshooting steps to correct the problem.  

Okay, there’s a bit more to this issue than meets the eye, but we’ve got your back. Let’s get into these troubleshooting steps and solve our HDMI port issues once and for all! 

Troubleshooting Your Samsung TV HDMI Ports 

To fix any issues with the HDMI ports on your Samsung TV, there is a step-by-step process that is recommended by the manufacturer for addressing your problem. In this section, we will go into each step in this process in more detail to assist you.  

Make Sure The Source Selected Is Correct 

Make sure that the HDMI port you are using is the same port selected in the Source menu. Though this may seem like an overly simplistic troubleshooting tip, it is the first step you should take to eliminate a common user error and saves many people the extra hassle involved in more complicated solutions.  

Check The Device You Are Connecting  

If the HDMI port you are attempting to connect to fails to work for a new external device but has functioned properly when other devices are plugged in, the issue may be caused by the device itself and not the HDMI port.  

If the external device fails to function properly on other HDMI ports on the TV, try plugging it into the port on another TV or monitor. If the device doesn’t function on another screen, your issue is most likely caused by the external device and will need service from the manufacturer. 

Disconnect HDMI Cord and Try Reconnecting It 

Much like cold booting your device, unplugging the HDMI cord for a few moments and reconnecting it again may solve your issue. When plugging the HDMI cord back in, make sure to press firmly and make sure it is fully connected within the port.   

If the device is powered on and the TV does not respond after reconnecting the HDMI cord, try plugging the HDMI cord into another port on the TV. If the device functions normally on the second HDMI port, you will need to have the malfunctioning port repaired. 

Try A Different HDMI Cable  

If the HDMI cord fails to work on any port on your TV, you will need to rule out the possibility that the problem is with the cord itself. Check the HDMI cord for signs of visible wear or damage, and try plugging the external device in using a different cord if applicable.  

Try Connecting A Different External Device 

If another HDMI cord fails to work, the next step is to try plugging another external device into the ports that are not functioning. If these devices work properly when connected, the issue is with the original external device and will need to be repaired.  

If another external device fails to work on all of the ports on your Samsung TV, you will need to have the TV repaired.  

What To Do If Troubleshooting Fails 

If the steps outlined in the previous section fail to work, you will need to have your Samsung TV repaired or replaced. In this section, we have provided general information on your options for repairs or a replacement.  

Request Service From Samsung 

To have one or more HDMI ports repaired on your Samsung TV, you will have to contact Samsung Support services online at to schedule a repair or find a licensed Samsung repair technician in your area.  

Check Your Warranty Information 

If your Samsung TV is still covered under your warranty and your HDMI ports failed to work due to manufacturing issues, you may be able to have your TV repaired or replaced at no cost to you. Check the warranty information for your Samsung TV for specific details.  


When your Samsung TV’s HDMI port doesn’t work, it can be difficult to know what to do to resolve the issue. Luckily, we got the tips and tricks we needed to troubleshoot the problem and we know exactly what to do when the HDMI ports stop working on a Samsung TV!  

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