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What to do if You Crack Your Apple TV Remote

Last Updated Dec 5, 2022
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If you are like most people, there have been times when your devices seem to fly out of your hand for no good reason and land in the worst possible position on the hardest available surface.

If you crack your Apple TV remote, you will have to get a new one. Apple does not offer replacements for Apple TV remotes. Once you get a new one, you will need to go through the steps to pair the new remote to your Apple tv.

When you hear that tell-tale splintering noise, you know that your device has been damaged before you pick it up to examine it. Keep reading to discover steps that can be taken to resolve your cracked Apple TV remote issue.

Determine Which Remote You Have

Apple TVs are shipped with either an Apple or Siri remote, depending on the model of the TV. Here are descriptions of the remotes in order to determine which one you have and where to find the serial number:

  • White Apple Remote – Comes with the 1st generation Apple TV, has a white case with one menu button and a round navigation button: the serial number is on the back of the remote
  • Aluminum Apple Remote – Comes with the 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TVs, has an aluminum case with two buttons and a round navigation button: the serial number is inside the battery housing
  • 1st Generation Siri Remote – Comes with 1st generation Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, has a black glass case with a touch screen: the serial number is listed in settings under remotes and devices
  • 2nd Generation Siri Remote – Comes with 2nd generation Apple TV 4K and 2nd generation Apple TV HD, has a silver case with a click pad: the serial number is listed in settings under remotes and devices

Now that you know which remote you have, you can determine the best course of action to replace it. This will depend on the remote type and whether you purchased Apple Care+ with your TV.

Replacing Your Remote with Apple Care+

If you opted to include Apple Care+ when you purchased your Apple TV, it is likely that a replacement remote would be covered under warranty. The plan covers battery replacement, as well as accidental damage, although you may incur a service charge. In order to obtain a replacement through Apple under warranty, follow these steps:

  • Contact Apple Repair to start a repair request
  • Ship the remote directly to Apple or visit an Apple Store Genius bar or authorized repair facility near you
  • Check the status of your replacement request by utilizing the My Support feature on Apple’s website

Apple Care+ makes the process of having products replaced or repaired under warranty as quick and painless as possible. And while you are awaiting the arrival of your replacement remote, you can use an iPhone or iPad to control your Apple TV by setting up the Apple TV Remote feature that can be found in the control center on your device.

Replacing Your Remote Without Apple Care+

If you do not have an Apple Care+ warranty, or if you have lost your remote, getting a new one is fortunately an easy and inexpensive process. There are a couple of ways that you can get another remote without a warranty:

  • Purchase a new Apple TV remote
  • Purchase a universal remote; it is important to make sure that the remote that you purchase is compatible with your model Apple TV

Whether you decide to purchase an Apple remote or a universal model, the good news is that neither will cost you an arm and a leg. An Apple remote is around $40-60, and a universal remote can cost from $9-$60.

Pairing Your Replacement Remote with Your Apple TV

When you receive your new remote, it must be paired with your TV in order to be able to use it. The procedure for connecting the remote depends on the model:

  • Make sure that the remote is charged or has a good battery installed
  • Ensure that the TV is on the home screen
  • For 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation Apple remotes: hold it 3-4 inches from the TV, point it at the screen, and press and hold the menu and left buttons for 6 seconds
  • For 1st or 2nd generation Siri remotes: hold it 3-4 inches from the TV, point it at the screen, and press and hold the menu and volume up buttons for 5 seconds
  • For universal remotes: on your TV, go to settings – remotes and devices – learn remote, and then follow the on-screen instructions

After these steps have been completed, your TV will display a message that your remote has been connected. With whichever remote you have chosen, the process is quick and easy.

However you get your replacement remote, it is a good idea to buy a protective case for it. There are a variety of options and colors of cases available, even some that glow in the dark or are equipped with lanyards.

With a case, your new remote will be stylish, personalized, and protected. And you hopefully won’t have to worry about replacing it again any time soon.

Tech Supportal Can Help

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