What Size Screws Do I Need for Element TV Stand?

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The affordable and popular Element TV is made by a small business in South Carolina called Element Electronics. This device is ideal for Roku TV and other streaming devices in 4K. Typically, consumers will use these with TV stands that take specific screws.

Model:Batch:Screw Size:Amount:
E4AA50R-TM20200-MTM4x144 pcs
E4AA70R-TM20117-MTM6x184 pcs
E4AA43R-GM20156-MTST4x124 pcs
E4SFT5517E17228-KKM4x164 pcs
ELSJ4016E17226-SYTB4x144 pcs

If you have an Element TV and are looking to install a TV stand for it, read on below to find out more about what is involved in the process.

What Size Screws Do I Need for an Element TV Stand?

The privately-held consumer electronics company Element Electronics currently has its headquarters in Winnsboro, South Carolina. It produces a wide range of electronics, including a popular line of trendy yet accessible TVs.

The company started releasing smart and Ultra HD TVs in 2015 and continues to provide a popular choice for streaming entertainment. Installing a TV stand for the Element TV is a practical and visually appealing choice that requires little hassle.

Having the right size screws takes care of most of the work. The typical sizes for TV stand screws for Element models are either M4x14 or M6x18. However, Element Electronic has over twenty-five different TV models across three series, so this information can vary.

Checking the exact recommended screw sizes before mounting the TV stand is the best idea to ensure everything will fit as it should.

What Kind of Screws Are Used for Element TV Stand?

The screws used for TV stands or different types of mounts will depend on the dimensions of the Element TV.

When installing an Element TV stand, you will usually use screws in the M6 and M4 range. These are perfect for medium and small TV sets. On occasion, you may find yourself using a larger TV. In that case, you will require M8. Getting the correct screw sizes will keep your Element TV safe and well anchored to the TV stand.

How Do You Put Element TV Legs on?

One of the most essential parts of placing an Element TV on a stand will be the placement of the legs. Once you have unpackaged your TV, you will see the legs in the box. You will need a screwdriver to install them correctly, but it is a straightforward process.

The Element TV legs and the slots they go into are clearly labeled to prevent any headaches during the installation.

How to Install an Element TV Stand?

To install an Element TV stand, you will need to follow a few time-efficient steps:

  • Unpackage your Element TV. Once that is done, place the TV carefully face down on a flat surface, preferably a spacious table. Make sure that the surface is clean beforehand to prevent any damage to the screen.
  • Attach the TV stand with the screws available in the Element TV box. You will need your own screwdriver during this part of the process.
  • Make sure that the stand is correctly attached and secured to the TV.
  • Once you have checked the attachment, you can go ahead and place the Element TV on a stable, level surface.
  • After the placement, check the connection again to ensure that there is nothing loose or in danger of detaching.

If you are installing your Element TV stand at a later time or simply don’t have the screws for it anymore, you should check your model and procure the correct size before installation.

Are All TV Mount Screws the Same Size?

There are many types of mount screws, and they differ in size. Some types are more common than others.

The M8, M6, and M4 are the three main screw categories typically used to install TV stands and mounts. With the Element TV, you will most likely use M6 and M4 screws more than the M8. This is due to the usual dimensions that Element TV models have. M8 screws tend to be used for larger sets.

When researching the correct screw size for the Element TV stand, check the user manual or look up your model on the official support website.

What Are M4 and M6 Screws?

When referring to screws, the M4 and M6 category refers to the outside diameter of the screw or, more specifically, the size of an unthreaded hole that would be used for the screw. These categories come in various sizes.

The Element TV stand tends to use M4 and M6 screws, usually in 14mm and 18mm sizes. These are the main crew categories you are most likely to encounter when you install a TV stand for your Element set.

As newer models are being released all the time, these sizes may soon change, but for now, they continue to be the trend.


An Element TV stand usually requires M4 or M6 screws in 14 or 18mm. These tend to be included with the TV box when purchasing a new one, but if you get a second-hand version or if you lose the screws, these are your most likely replacements.

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