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What SD Card To Use for Fire HD 8 And How to Access it

Last Updated Jan 13, 2022
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When purchasing an Amazon Fire HD 8, you have the option to select 8 GB or 16 GB internal storage. Both options are acceptable for the minimal user. Still, you will learn very quickly if you try to save an excess of books, videos, games, music, and documents that the internal storage will fill up relatively fast.

The need for more storage capacity is when an SD card for a Fire HD 8 comes in handy. For external storage capabilities, you should be using a Micro SD card class 10. Inserting and setting up the card for use is as easy as following a few prompts.

To learn all about how to set up your SD card for the Fire HD 8, how to insert it into the device, and how to sync it up to be ready for use, then continue reading.

What SD card for Fire HD 8

When ordering an SD card for your Kindle Fire HD 8, you must get a class 10 Micro SD card. The storage amount on the card will be a personal preference, depending on how much extra storage you feel is necessary to suit your needs.

Here are a few Micro SD cards that should work with your Fire HD 8:

A good rule of thumb is to opt for a size or two larger than you think you actually need. Having a bit of extra space is always a good problem to have.

How to Insert a Micro SD Card

Your Micro SD slot should be located in the upper right corner of the Fire HD 8 tablet. Flip open the cover, and you should be able to pop in your new micro SD card easily.

How to Use an SD Card in the Fire HD 8

SD cards are excellent additions to your Fire HD 8 to expand storage capabilities but what makes external storage with the Fire tablets even better is that you have total control over what you store on the SD card and what you keep in the internal memory.

Ways to use the Micro SD card:

  • Keep it as a backup – You can simply keep the SD card as a storage backup if the internal storage gets full.
  • Auto-sync – You can set the Fire HD 8 up to automatically sync everything to the SD card, freeing up internal storage.
  • Freedom of choice – There is also an option to choose what gets saved on the SD card and what stays on internal storage. For example, you can select to use the SD card to solely store music, videos, and photos, while keeping apps and other content on the tablet’s internal memory. Or you can choose to only store documents and pictures on the SD card and everything else on the device. The options are endless.
  • Removable storage – You can upload content to the Micro SD card from your computer or other device and use it to upload content onto your Fire tablet.

Whatever your storage needs, adding an SD card can help.

How to Set Up an SD card on Your Device

The first time you ever insert external storage like the Micro SD card, you will receive a notification that states “unsupported storage.”

Follow these steps to complete set up after receiving “unsupported storage” notification:

1. Select the notification alert that popped up.

2. Choose one of the following options –

a. Portable Storage

b. Tablet Storage

Option a. allows you to remove the SD card as you please since you will only be using the SD card to store music, movies, photos, and files that can easily be transferred between devices. Please note that you cannot store apps with this option.

Option b. is for extra tablet storage if you do not often plan to remove the SD card. Meaning you can store everything, including apps. If you do remove the card, you will lose much of the content you have stored on the external storage.

After choosing your setup option, you will see a message to “format this storage device,” which you will need to do to proceed with syncing the card to the Fire HD 8.

Once the SD card is formatted, you will receive a message that your storage device is ready!


Adding an SD card to your Fire HD 8 is a valuable tool to have; it allows you to free up internal memory and keep your photos, music, books, files, and safer if something were to ever happen to the device.      

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