What SD Card is Recommended for Roku Ultra?

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The Roku Ultra digital streaming player has a limited storage space of 128GB. Once that is used up, you may start to notice some lagging. Games and other applications may take more time to load, and sometimes channels you have not watched for a while may begin to disappear. But you do not have to worry. Like most streaming players, the Roku Ultra has an SD card slot, and you can use an SD card to increase the storage space. In this article, we will look deeper into which SD card works best with Roku Ultra and why buy an SD card.

While it’s not a necessity, and Roku Ultra can work with or without the SD card, adding an SD card to Roku Ultra allows games and channels to load faster. The recommended SD cards for Roku Ultra are a class 2 or greater micro SD card with a minimum of 2GB storage, such as the SanDisk 32GB and Samsung EVO Plus UHS-I.

Why we start from as low as class 2 is simply because the SD card is just for storage. Instead of having a lot of unwanted space that will go to waste, it is advisable that you purchase an SD card that fits your needs and will allow for some free space to speed up the performance of the Roku Ultra device. Read on to find out what SD card is best for your Roku Ultra.

What SD Card is Recommended for Roku Ultra?

Various SD cards work great with the Roku Ultra. Here are the best micro SD cards for Roku Ultra.

SanDisk 32GB-Class 4

The SanDisk 32GB class 4 micro SDHC memory card is one of the best micro-SD cards that pair well with the Roku Ultra. SanDisk has a capacity of 32GB and an A2 memory performance rating. This allows the SD card to deliver faster app response times and high-definition video recordings.

Samsung EVO Plus UHS-I

The Samsung EVO Plus class 10 is the SD card for you if you want increased storage space and faster app and channel response time. Samsun EVO Plus has a storage space of 256GB, with read speeds of up to 100 MB/s and write speeds of up to 90 MB/s.

SanDisk MicroSD 2GB

The SanDisk 2GB is a class 2 with a storage capacity of 2GB and is also great for Roku Ultra, especially if you are looking for something small. Roku Ultra has a storage space of 128GB which is mostly used by the apps and other channels. For a smooth streaming experience, you can boost the storage space with the SanDisk MicroSD 2GB.

How to Install a MicroSD Card in Your Roku Ultra

Adding an SD card to your Roku Player will help you take your streaming experience to the next level. It speeds up the loading time, allowing games and channels to load faster. You also do not have to deal with the system removing infrequently used channels to create more space. However, it is important to note that the SD card cannot be used to store personal media, such as music or photos.

Installing a Micro-SD Card in Roku Ultra

Installing an SD card in your Roku player is not that complicated, and you can do it on your own. You just need to remove the HDMI cable from the backside of your Roku Ultra to access the microSD card slot. Then insert the SD card into the right slot. After that, plug back the HDMI cable and power on the Roku Ultra. The Roku Ultra will then automatically detect the SD card.

Many of you may now be wondering: what if you want to remove your SD card and upgrade to one with greater storage space or maybe go with a smaller size?

How to Remove A Micro-SD Card from Roku Ultra

Remove the HDMI cable to access the microSD card slot easily. Push the card, and it will eject or release, then insert the new SD card, or if you do not want any SD card, reinsert the HDMI cable and power on your Roku device.

When removing or changing the microSD card, it is important to note that while it will not cause any games or channels you have purchased to be lost, there will be some changes. Without the microSD, which was their initial storage space, you will need to download these games and channels one more. But you will not be charged.


While not required, adding an SD card to your Roku player allows your channels and games to load much faster and expands the internal memory available. However, the microSD card cannot be used for the storage of personal media such as videos, music, and photos. If you want to access personal media, you can use a USB Device.

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