What Kind Of Charger Does The Fire HD 8 Use?

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With new advancements being made almost daily in smart home tech, inevitably, the ways we keep those devices powered up and ready to go are constantly changing as well. Between the almost extinct micro USB to the faster charging USB C ports and the newest wireless charging capabilities, it can be a challenge to keep up with which charger you need for what device! So, now here we are, sitting with a pile of cords and wondering, what kind of charger does the Fire HD 8 use again? 

The most recent model of the Kindle Fire HD 8 uses the USB-C type charger. However, earlier Kindle Fire HD 8 models may use a different charger type, and later models may also have alternative charging options available depending on your Fire tablet model and year.   

Okay, so which Fire HD 8 models use the USB C charger, and what new charging options do Amazon Fire tablets have now? Can we hope for a cord-free wireless option? Let’s get to researching and find out more! 

Fire HD 8 Models That Use A USB C Charger 

The Amazon Fire tablets that use the USB C charging cable are the Fire HD 8, the Fire HD 8 Plus, and the Fire HD 8 Kids. There are also other Amazon Fire tablets and Kindle readers that use a USB C charger, and some models of the Amazon Fire tablet also have wireless capabilities.  

What Type Of Charger Does The HD Fire 10 Use?  

Models of the Amazon Fire HD 10 that use a USB C charger are the Fire HD 10, the Fire HD 10 Plus, the Fire Pro HD 10, and the Fire HD 10 Kids. Amazon has recently released that going forward, all of their Fire tablets will be manufactured with USB C charging ports as the standard.  

Do Any Amazon Fire Tablets Have Wireless Charging?  

The Amazon HD 8 Plus and the Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus are the only models that currently have wireless charging capabilities 

The HD 8 Plus and the HD 10 Plus will also soon have a compatible charging and docking stand. In addition to wireless charging, this stand also acts as a docking station for use with the recently added Show Mode feature. This docking station and the Fire HD 10 Plus are available for preorder and are scheduled to ship starting on May 26th, 2022.  

If you do not wish to purchase the docking station but want to wirelessly charge your HD 10 Plus after you purchase it, your tablet will be compatible with any Qi-Certified wireless charger.  

Do Any Kindle Readers Use USB C Chargers? 

Currently, only the latest Amazon Kindle models use USB C charging. These include the most recent editions of the Kindle Paperwhite in Standard, Signature, and Kids.  

Why Is The Amazon Fire Tablet Switching To USB-C Chargers? 

USB-C charging is becoming the new standard for several reasons, and Amazon’s plans to roll out all of their new Fire tablets with USB C ports are largely due to more widespread compatibility with other devices and faster charging and data transfer speeds.  

The main reason USB-C charging has become the new standard is that a USB-C connection charges devices up to 20 times faster than a micro-USB connection. USB-C ports support USB Power Delivery, which delivers 100 watts of power to compatible devices.  

Additionally, unlike micro-USB ports, the USB-C port allows you to plug your charger in without worrying about whether or not you have it facing the right way, making it more convenient. Data speeds are also faster using a USB-C port when transferring from one device to another.  

However, charging and data transfer speeds depend on the built-in protocols of the device you are charging. It is not recommended to use a power source that your device is not built for. Improper charging can cause possible damage to your device, as well as serious consequences such as injury or fire.  

 It is recommended that replacement chargers for any device, whether purchased from the manufacturer or third-party sellers, meet the standard requirements for your device.  


Like we said, smart home tech is always evolving to change the way we use our devices! With USB-C ports rapidly becoming the new standard for many smart devices, it comes as no surprise that Amazon has chosen this faster and more convenient option as the kind of charger the Fire HD 8, as well as the HD 10  and all future Fire models, will use.  

Additionally, the new addition of Amazon Fire and Kindle models with wireless charging capabilities is another great innovation. With each new advancement, smart tech is one step closer to ditching the cord and going wireless with our smart home tech! 

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