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What is the Warranty on a Roomba i7?

Last Updated Jan 25, 2022
roomba i7 on floor

The Roomba i7 is a smarter version of an iRobot vacuum cleaner.  It has functions that allows it to be connected to Wi-Fi and has voice activation to expertly clean a home’s floors.  With this more efficient technology it is important to know what the warranty is, to make sure that if there is an issue you know your options.

The warranty on a Roomba i7 is a limited warranty.  The warranty covers any material or workmanship defects for a period of 1 year from the date of the original purchase.  For original batteries, there is a warranty of 6 months from the date of purchase.   

These warranties are subject to certain requirements to be considered valid and do not include consumable parts, such as brushes, filters, etc.  Also, it is important to keep the original packaging for the product to obtain the warranty service.  More information on the warranty of a Roomba i7 is included below. 

Information to Know about Roomba i7’s Warranty

If a defect arises with the Roomba i7 a claim will need to be received within the specified period to be considered valid.  Also, a warranty is only valid for the first buyer and can’t be transferred to any other person.

Any repairs can only be done by an individual authorized by iRobot. If a third party does it, then the product will not be covered under warranty.  Also, the warranty doesn’t cover any of the following damage due to:

  • Accident, misuse, or acts of nature
  • Failure to follow instructions provided
  • Product was not transported correctly
  • Unintended usage or bad maintenance
  • External causes (electrical power fluctuations)
  • Anything not related to a product defect

All claims will need to be made within the warranty period.  This period will not be extended or renewed for an additional year due to the replacement or repair.  However, parts replaced or repaired due to the specific issue will have an additional warranty of 90 days.

The Difference Between a Materials and Workmanship Warranty vs. a Battery Warranty

The length of a warranty for materials and workmanship is longer than a battery warranty. 

For defects, materials and workmanship warranty are valid for 1 year after initial purchase. This type of warranty has a few options for repair or replacement if a defect arises:

  • Repair done using new or refurbished replacement parts
  • Roomba i7 is exchanged with a product that is new or uses new/used parts to function as a new version
  • Exchange is made with a product that is new or an upgraded version that is equivalent to the original product

The warranty on the Roomba i7 battery is only valid for 6 months after the initial purchase.  It is only valid provided proper care was taken of the battery.  Also, if a third-party battery has been used as a replacement, then the warranty is no longer valid. 

How to Obtain Warranty Servicing on a Roomba i7?

If you have problems with your Roomba i7 you can go online, call or visit a local service center.  You will need to make sure the serial number is intact and have that available.  If it is determined the warranty conditions have been met, then the Roomba i7 will be collected within the next working days. 

Before you deliver the product, you will need to make sure you have all the required items inside the package.  These items include:

  • Use of the original or equivalent packaging
  • The defective product
  • All accessories (chargers, wall units, home base, etc.)
  • Confirmation of purchase (purchase voucher, invoice, or receipt)
  • Return label (received after contacting iRobot)

After the repairs are done, the item (or new item) will be returned to you.

What Happens if the Roomba i7 That Was Repaired or Replaced Breaks?

If you had an issue with the Roomba i7 and had it repaired or replaced under warranty, then you have an additional warranty on that repair.  The additional warranty is for 90 days and can only be used if the issue is with the same defect that was replaced or repaired by iRobot. 

If there is another issue with the Roomba i7 outside of the original defect, then you would only have the 1-year warranty (6 months if it is the battery) from the time the Roomba was purchased to get the Roomba fixed or replaced.


The warranty for a Roomba i7 is typically one year from the date the Roomba was purchased.  The warranty is typically for defective issues related to the materials and workmanship.   However, there is also a warranty on the battery for 6 months from the date of purchase.  All warranties are only valid for the first buyer and a receipt of purchase will need to be shown to be eligible.

If you have problems with the product then you can go online and connect with a servicing center to see if your Roomba i7 meets the conditions to qualify for a replacement or new device.  Once the device is fixed then it will be sent back to you, and you will have another warranty on the parts that were fixed or replaced for 90 days.