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What Is The Red Button On Top Of My SimpliSafe Keypad? (What Does It Do?)

Last Updated Jun 12, 2022
simplisafe keypad on wood

SimpliSafe home security systems offer peace of mind as they are one of the market’s most popular companies for immediate emergency response. So if you have a SimpliSafe system, and want to understand how it works so you can feel safe in your home, you may be wondering: What is the red button on top of my SimpliSafe keypad and what does it do?

The red button on the top of the SimpliSafe keypad is a panic button. If you press and hold the button for more than two seconds, the alarm will be triggered and the system will be alerted. They will call your primary number and if you do not respond, they will dispatch the local authorities. 

Now, you may have a few more questions about this little red button: Will it sound a loud or silent alarm? What do you do if you press it by accident? Can you disable the panic option on the red button? But don’t worry, we are going to answer each of these questions and more so that by the end of this article, you are going to be a SimpliSafe keypad expert!

What Does the Red Button on SimpliSafe Keypad Do?

As you now know, the red button on the top of your SimpliSafe keypad is a panic button. To utilize the feature if you feel you are in danger, all you need to do is hold down the button for at least two seconds. 

From there, the SimpliSafe monitoring system will be notified that there is an emergency. They will attempt to contact you on your preferred phone number and if you do not respond, they will immediately contact the local authorities to be dispatched to your home. 

Will Pressing the Red Button Sound a Loud Alarm?

When pressing the red button on your SimpliSafe keypad, you probably want to know whether a loud alarm will be activated or if it will be silent. 

By default, the red panic button on the keypad is set to AUDIBLE which means it will make a loud noise when activated. If you would prefer a silent alarm, you can easily adjust the settings on the keypad itself or on the SimpliSafe app. 

Once you have located the device options on the keypad itself or on the app, the option will be there to choose AUDIBLE or SILENT. 

What To Do if You Press the Button on Accident

If you are playing with your SimpliSafe keypad or accidentally activate the alarm by pressing the red panic button, the monitoring system will be automatically contacted. 

However, they will attempt to call you to ensure there is a real emergency before calling the local authorities. As long as you have your phone nearby, you should simply respond that there is no emergency and they will turn the alarm off. 

While we do not recommend pressing the red button unless there is an actual emergency, if you want to test the button to make sure it is working properly, you can simply have your phone ready to let the monitors know you were just testing the system. 

Can You Disable the Panic Option?

Of course, the purpose of a home security system such as the SimpliSafe keypad is to be able to quickly notify the authorities that there is an emergency. However, if you simply want to disable the panic button on the keypad for a period of time, it’s important to understand how to do so. 

So yes, you can disable the panic option on the red button on the SimpliSafe keypad, and here’s what you need to do:

  • Press the MENU button on the keypad.
  • Enter your Master Pin number.
  • Select DEVICES.
  • Navigate to the KEYPAD option.
  • Select PANIC ALARM.
  • Click DISABLE. 

Once you would like to turn the panic button option back on, you can follow the instructions once again and change to ENABLE. 

Does SimpliSafe Provide Other Panic Buttons?

Typically the SimpliSafe keypad will be located near your front door or in the center of your home, so the red button may not be easily accessible if there really is an emergency. 

The good news is, SimpliSafe sells individual panic buttons that can be placed throughout your home, i.e. in your bedroom, office, basement, or anywhere else you may spend a significant amount of time. 

In addition to being able to use the red button to sound the alarm, the panic buttons will operate in the same way by notifying the monitoring system who will try to contact you and then dispatch to the local authorities. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know exactly what the red button on the top of your SimpliSafe keypad is for (remember it’s a panic button) and how to use it and disable it, you can feel safe in your home.  

In case of an emergency, all you need to do is press the red button for two seconds to alert the monitoring system!