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What Is the Purpose of a Ring Chime?

Last Updated Aug 15, 2021
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Ring Chime is one of the accessories for the Ring system that can make it much more useful as a smart home control system. The Ring Chime is meant to be an extension and companion of the main Ring system, and can help you keep tabs on your Ring doorbells even if you don’t have your smartphone or tablet handy.

The purpose of a Ring Chime is to act as a signal extension for the Ring doorbell security system for when homeowners need to be alerted that someone is at the door, but they don’t have their Ring-enabled smart device nearby. This plug-in makes it easy to hear the doorbell anywhere in the home.

The Ring Chime has several benefits if you’re trying to set up a comprehensive Ring security system, but it isn’t for everyone. Read on to learn more about the Ring Chime and figure out whether it might be a useful add-on for your home system.

Advantages of Using a Ring Chime

For people who are attached to their Ring-enabled smart device at the hip, the advantages of a Ring Chime might not be immediately obvious. However, there are several benefits to adding a few Ring Chime devices to your Ring doorbell setup. Here are a few of them (Source: CNN):

  • Hear the doorbell anywhere: In larger homes or homes with soundproof walls, it might be difficult to hear the doorbell ring at the front of the home. Adding Chime devices in multiple rooms of the house means you’ll be able to hear someone at the door no matter where you are.

  • Easy and discreet setup: Ring Chime devices are compact and sleek, which means they won’t be an eyesore. They’re also simple to set up straight from your Ring software app on your Ring-enabled smart device.

  • Still receive mobile notifications: Using the Ring Chime system doesn’t keep you from getting notifications from your Ring doorbells on your home. It just acts as a backup to the doorbell system in case you walk away from your phone for a moment and someone shows up at the door.

  • Nightlight: While the blue light on the Ring Chime doesn’t flash in response to doorbell or motion alerts, it does cast a calming blue light that can be used as an effective nightlight. This can reduce the need for other ambient lighting in the room if the Ring Chime device is placed in a corridor or other area that needs a little light after dark.

The purpose of the Ring Chime system isn’t to take over for the Ring mobile system. It acts as a way to integrate the Ring system into the household further by bringing back a little of the traditional doorbell experience.

Are Ring Chimes Part of the Standard Ring System?

Ring Chimes are not part of the standard Ring system. Instead, these devices are sold as additional accessories that can be added into the Ring system separately. (Source: Smart Home Point) This is more convenient for homeowners who prefer to use their Ring system as a home security system only rather than a true doorbell.

How Do You Use a Ring Chime?

Even though the Ring Chime complicates your home Ring system slightly by making it more robust, it isn’t complicated at all to set up. Perform the following operation to add Ring Chime to your current Ring system (Source: Ring):

  • Plug the Ring Chime into an available wall electrical outlet. Note that the Ring Chime device is large enough to effectively block off two electrical plugs, so a plug extender is usually a good idea if you have stock two-plug outlets.

  • In your Ring app, select App Device, then use the in-app setup process for the Ring Chime. Follow the directions given on each screen.

  • The Ring Chime should blink rapidly at first as it syncs into the primary Ring system before it begins to blink more slowly. At this point, this is an indication to press Continue in your Ring app.

  • Once this procedure is performed, the Ring Chime should be synced to your Ring app. At this point you can customize your Ring Chime setup by selecting devices, alert types, volume control, and other options.

If you’re trying to hook up a Ring Chime to your Ring system that you’ve already used elsewhere, you’ll need to do a reset rather than a full setup. This can be done by pressing down on the reset button on the right side of the Chime device with a paperclip end for five seconds. The Ring Chime device should then be able to be synced as normal.

What If the Ring Chime Won’t Connect?

If you can’t get your Ring Chime to connect to the main Ring system, it can’t fulfill its purpose as a working doorbell. If you have problems getting your Ring Chime to connect and sync to your Ring control system, try moving it to an electrical outlet that’s closer to your wireless modem. (Source: Ring Community

Final Thoughts

You might use your smartphone to do most of the control work on your Ring doorbell system. However, the Ring Chime is a smart home accessory that gives you a little freedom from your phone and helps bring some of the old-school charm of traditional doorbells into the 21st century.

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