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What is the Echo Glow and Who is it for?

Last Updated Jul 28, 2022
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The Amazon Echo Glow is arguably the next best thing regarding smart lamps. This is because it can perform numerous functions, and its ease of use makes it more desirable. You might have heard these statements a dozen times, and you might be wondering what an Echo glow is and who exactly uses it.

Echo Glow is a multicolored lamp created specifically for children by Amazon. This is also a multi-purpose lamp, as it can be used as a nightlight, party light, and even a mood light. Echo Glow was one of the very first Amazon devices to make it through the Amazon “Certified for Humans” program due to its ease of use and setup.

Outside being a multicolored lamp designed for kids, the Amazon Echo Glow boasts numerous other features and abilities that make it an amazing addition to every home. In this article, we’ll provide you with everything that you need to know about the Amazon Echo Glow and its features.

What is the Amazon Echo Glow Used For?

The Amazon Echo Glow is a smart lamp for children. It is an Alexa-enabled device, and it works by connecting to your home Wi-Fi. The best part about using the Echo Glow is that it doesn’t have to be in the same room as your smart speaker for it to follow instructions. It just needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

This device comes in a child-friendly size, weighing only half a pound and just below 4 inches in length and width. It’s important to note that because the Amazon Echo Glow was designed for children, it requires a bit of force before it can be turned on. It was designed like this so that it doesn’t accidentally turn on whenever it’s bumped into or falls on the floor.

How Do I Set Up The Amazon Echo Glow?

The Echo Glow is extremely user-friendly and can be set up for usage within just a few minutes. All you need to do is plug it in your desired spot or position, then connect it to your Alexa app on Android or iOS devices. The Amazon Echo Glow automatically connects itself to the nearest device, so it is ready for use once the connection is complete. All you have to do is press the ‘action button’, which sits above the power cord.

Because of its size, the Amazon Echo Glow isn’t bright enough to power an entire room. It only provides a glow-like light in the particular corner where it is located. This is why most people refer to it as more of a nightlight rather than a lamp.

How Does The Amazon Echo Glow Work?

Coupled with its ease of use, the Amazon Echo Glow comes with a couple of functionality options for its users. After powering it on by pressing the action button, you can easily tap the globe of this device to change its color once.

If you’d like to change its color more than once, you can repeatedly tap on the globe the cycle through the 16 colors the devices present. These colors are inclusive of all the colors of the rainbow.

Another way you can control this device is by using a voice command. However, the Echo Glow lacks a microphone and a speaker. This is where a nearby Echo device and an Alexa-enabled device come in. With Alexa, you can easily change the color of the Echo Glow using a voice command.

Not only can you change the color of your Echo Glow smart lamp, but you can also change its theme and lighting mode. Some of the themes available include:

  • Christmas
  • Campfire
  • Color Flow
  • Disco
  • Fire Truck
  • Mood light

It is worth mentioning that the themes in the Amazon Echo Glow are not limited to those listed above.

How Much Does the Amazon Echo Glow Cost?

With as little as $30, you can make a purchase for an Amazon Echo Glow lamp. However, if you’d like to buy it alongside the Echo Dot Kids Edition as they make the perfect pair, it will cost you around $90 to make a purchase.

Is The Amazon Echo Glow Worth It?

The Amazon Echo glow is an amazing addition to every home, as it helps set the mood and atmosphere for numerous occasions. In addition to this, it is very easy to use; it is budget-friendly and it is also child-friendly. That said, the Amazon Echo Glow is definitely one purchase you won’t regret making.

Bottom Line

The Amazon Echo Glow is a smart lamp that was created specifically for children. It comes in a child-friendly setting and has a fun and attractive design. This device is one of the very first Amazon devices to make it through the Amazon Certified for Humans program. So you can rest assured that it will give you little or no problems at all.

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