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What Is The Difference Between Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 10?

Last Updated Jan 27, 2022

Smart displays are a popular type of home gadget these days. With this device, you can easily keep track of information from other smart devices around the house neatly and efficiently. You are keen to get one for yourself, and it will be either the Amazon Echo Show 8 or the Echo Show 10. But how are they different? What information can you use to decide between them?

Here is how the Echo Show 8 compares with the Echo Show 10:

ModelEcho Show 8Echo Show 10
Display8 inch (1280 x 800)10.1 inch (1280 x 800)
Speaker System2 x 2-inch speakersDual tweeters + woofer
Camera13.0 MP13.0 MP
Generation2nd (2021)3rd (2021)
ProcessorMediaTek 8183MediaTek 8183 + Amazon AZ1 Neural Edge
Rotating ScreenNoYes
Built-in Smart HubNoYes

Apart from a few nifty add-ons, the Echo Show 10 does not offer much compared to the Echo 8. However, both of them can do much more than just function as info centers. Read on to learn more about what you can and cannot do with the Echo Show devices.

Can I Watch Movies On Echo Show 10?

In general, all Amazon smart displays can stream content like videos, movies, TV shows, and music. The Echo Show 10 comes with many popular streaming services enabled by default as Alexa skills. Users can access them manually or by giving voice commands to Alexa.

You can give the following commands to Alexa to watch your favorite movies on your Echo Show:

  • Alexa, show me my video library. (For Amazon Prime Video only)
  • Alexa, show me [title of the movie or show].
  • Alexa, search for [movie or show].
  • Alexa, show me movies with [actors].
  • Alexa, show me [genre] movies.
  • Alexa, open [streaming service].

To access the available content on your Echo Show manually, swipe left from the home screen and select Video. On the next screen, you can choose your preferred streaming service. You will have to enable some services when opening them for the first time.

If you would like to learn more about Echo, check out this article.

What Streaming Services Are Available on Echo Show 10?

The following streaming services have native support on your Echo Show 10:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Tubi
  • Red Bull TV
  • Food Network Kitchen

You can also watch YouTube on your Echo Show, but it is not available as a dedicated app. You will have to open it as a web browser app in the Video folder on the device. If you want to watch some live TV, you can install a 3rd party Alexa skill called Stream Player. Stream Player supports a plethora of TV channels to keep you busy with fresh content every hour of every day.

Get the Echo Show 10 today from Amazon to take your entertainment experience to the next level!

Can You Install Apps On Echo Show 8?

As a general rule, Echo Show 8 users cannot install 3rd party apps from the Amazon app store or Google Play Store. The device works with Alexa skills instead of apps.

Now, you don’t need to worry because there are tons of Alexa skills that you can choose from and enable on your Echo Show to add nearly any type of software capability to it. Skills are voice-activated functions you can add to Alexa on Amazon smart devices. They are not full-fledged apps but perform much the same as apps on your device.

If you want to add or remove an Alexa skill to your Echo Show, give a voice command like “Alexa, enable [skill name]” or “Alexa, disable [skill name].” If you want some skills suggested to you, say: “Alexa, recommend me some skills.” and it will comply.

You can also use the Alexa companion app on your android or iOS device to customize skills:

  • Open the Alexa phone app.
  • Go to More.
  • Navigate to Skills and Games.
  • Tap on any skill you want to add.
  • Tap Enable to add that skill to Alexa on all connected Amazon digital devices.

You might be keen to get the 2nd Gen Echo Show 8 available on Amazon.

Bonus Reading

Which Echo Show Is The Newest?

The Echo Show 15 is the newest addition to Amazon’s range of smart displays. It came in December 2021 in the US and UK. It is larger than the Echo Show 10 but weighs less. It has a 15.6-inch screen capable of full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution.

You might be surprised that the Echo Show 15 costs the same as its sibling despite its bigger size and a more modern processor. That is because the 10 trumps the 15 with both a far more powerful speaker system (2.1-channel vs. dual 1.6-inch drivers) as well as a high-quality camera (13 megapixels vs. 5 megapixels).

You will also not find the fancy rotating screen of the Echo Show 10 on the newer Show 15. However, the Echo Show 15 has an accelerometer for you to use both portrait and landscape modes. That is something you can’t do with a 10. The 15 is also easier to mount on a wall. The 15, therefore, clearly has different design intent compared to the 10.


Smart displays are tablet-like devices designed to stay in the same place instead of being portable. They can make video calls, take photos, stream movies, and do many other things like tablets. But they are best for use with other home gadgets like speakers and cameras for increased functionality and convenience.

While all three Echo Show devices are perfect in their way, the best one is arguably the mid-range Echo Show 8.

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