What is the Best Setting for Nest thermostat?

nest thermostat set on "Away Mode"nest thermostat set on "Away Mode"

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Smart thermostats are, without a doubt, worth the investment. These gadgets offer convenience and have the potential to save you a lot of money on utility bills. However, you can only reap these benefits if you know the right settings to help you achieve this. If you’re using a Nest thermostat, you may be wondering what the best settings for this thermostat are.

Nest thermostats come with a handful of settings that can save you money. Therefore, the “best” setting varies based on individual circumstances. However, while the thermostat is designed to automatically change settings to help you cut back on costs, you need to know which settings to tweak to get the most out of the thermostat.

Getting a Nest thermostat is probably one of the best smart home decisions you’ll ever make. The thermostat offers convenience and can help you cut back on utility bills. However, you need to know your way around the settings and how to tweak them to your favor to save as much as you can. This article explores the top three Nest settings you can tweak to cut back on costs. Let’s dive right in. Shall we?

What are the Most Energy-Efficient Nest Thermostat Settings?

One of the biggest selling points of Nest thermostats is that they’re capable of helping you cut back on energy costs. However, the truth is, they won’t save you more money than a regular programmable thermostat. Nonetheless, certain settings are more energy-efficient than others. Besides, these thermostats are easier to set up and program.

So, which are the most energy-efficient settings on the Nest thermostat? Let’s find out.

Auto-Away & Home/Away Assist

The Nest thermostat can adjust the temperature in your home based on whether or not you’re at home. The thermostat learns your schedule and adjusts settings accordingly. For instance, if you always leave your house at 7 a.m, the thermostat will take note of this and turn down the temperatures to save energy every time you leave.

The thermostat can also tell about your whereabouts based on your phone’s location. So, how do you set up your thermostat to automatically detect when you’re not home? You need to ensure the Auto-Away and Home/Away assist is enabled on your thermostat settings to enable this feature. 

Follow the steps below to enable Home/Away Assist:

  • Open the Nest app on your phone and tap on the “Settings” gear icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Home/Away Assist”
  • Tap on “What decides if you’re home.”
  • Tap on “Use phone location.”
  • Tap on the toggle switch that appears
  • A new screen will pop up. Tap on “OK” at the bottom
  • When a smaller pop-up appears, tap on “Use phone.”
  • If another pop-up asks permission for the Nest app to access your location, accept it.
  • On the next screen, enter your address and tap on “Next”. Nest doesn’t save this address anywhere. The information is required to find your location on the map, making it easier to pinpoint it.
  • When the next screen appears, drag the map to move the pin on top of your house—tap on “Done” when it’s set.

To enable Auto-Away:

  • Tap on the toggle switch to the right of “Nest Thermostat” and select “Next.”
  • Tap on the back arrow in the top-left corner of the screen
  • Next, tap on the two temperatures that are displayed with the small orange and blue arrows. Choose your preferred temperatures while you’re away, and the thermostat will automatically set these temperatures when you’re away automatically.
  • After setting the temperatures, hit the back arrow in the top-left corner to go back to the main screen. You’re set to go!

Source: How to Geek

Air Filter Reminders

A clogged and dirty air filter restricts airflow, thereby making your HVAC system work harder than it should. As a result, you end up using more energy than you should. The air filter reminder feature lets you know when to change the filters to prevent this. To enable it, go to settings within the Nest app, select “Equipment”, and  tap on “Air filter reminder.”


While the Nest thermostat can automatically learn your schedule and make temperature adjustments as needed, some people prefer to set their schedule. With this feature, you can choose your preferred temperatures and when you wish the thermostat to be on or off. You access this feature by going to the app, selecting your thermostat, and tapping on “Schedule” at the bottom.

Source: How to Geek

Wrapping Up

If you were wondering what the best Nest thermostat setting is, it’s a matter of preference. What you find as your sweet spot may be troublesome for someone else. However, as we’ve mentioned, there are several tweaks you can make to your Nest thermostat settings to save more money and get the most out of your thermostat. Try these settings and observe to see if there’s a noticeable difference in performance.

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