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What Is The Benefit Of Xfinity Rewards?

Last Updated Jun 17, 2022
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There a tons of cable and internet providers on the market. This makes it hard to select which one is best for your home and personal needs. When comparing different platforms, it is important to look at things like cost, speed, reliability, and rewards. Rewards is a newer incentive that makes users wonder, what is the benefit of Xfinity rewards?

The Xfinity rewards program is a new benefit provided to its customers by Xfinity. Through this program, customers can enjoy new perks, early access to different deals and games, and new experiences and products. The rewards program has quickly become popular due to its unique nature. 

The new program is a great way for people to keep up with new tech, new games, and much more. Most people are wondering how to join it, if there is a tier system, and what the benefits are. You can find more in-depth details about this new program by reading on.

Great Rewards For All Users

Xfinity’s rewards program is structured in such a way that both new customers and veteran customers can benefit from it equally. Although Xfinity does not disclose the specific rewards available at each tier, the company does provide a general overview on its website. Here are some examples of the offerings they provide to their rewards customers:

  • See the latest movies in theaters at a discount 
  • Free on-demand movies
  • Mobile perks with the Xfinity mobile plan
  • Play exclusive games with some of your favorite Universal Studios characters
  • Theme park tickets at a discounted price at Universal Orlando Resort
  • A chance to win a gaming chair from Xfinity

These are just a few of the rewards they are currently offering. It is important to note that these rewards are constantly changing. Customers can view their rewards in their dashboard on their mobile apps on their smartphones or by logging into the Xfinity account on their computer or tablet.

Even though it’s not a part of their benefits, Xfinity has other perks, such as affordable WiFi extenders to create a mesh network in your home.

How to Join in and Reap the Benefits

To enjoy the rewards program through Xfinity, existing customers must first opt to join the new program. In other words, you are not automatically enrolled in the program. If you are eighteen years of age or older and are the primary account holder, you can sign up for the rewards program. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Sign in to your Xfinity account on your phone or computer. You will not be eligible for the program if you are not a current customer.
  2. Find the Xfinity Rewards program tab and click it
  3. Click enroll
  4. Accept the program terms and conditions
  5. You are officially an Xfinity Rewards member!

It is very easy to sign up for this program. You need a few minutes and your Xfinity ID to complete the process. Once you get through the process, you will be taken to your rewards dashboard, where all of your current perks and rewards will be available to you in one place.

Xfinity also has a tier program with their rewards for their customers. Keep on reading to learn about their tiers.

Tier Program

As part of Xfinity’s rewards program, its customers are rewarded based on their activity through a tier system. 

Consumers who climb up the tier ladder are rewarded progressively better as they advance through the tier system. Specific rewards are associated with each tier depending on the length of time a customer has been with Xfinity. Find out more about the tier levels below.

Tier NameNumber of Years as Customer
Silver0-2 years
Gold2-7 years
Platinum7-14 years
Diamond14+ years

It is noted that each tier increases by seven-year increments, with the exception of the first two tiers. Overall, this shows loyalty to Xfinity as a customer. As a way of thanking their customers for their continued loyalty to Xfinity, Xfinity offers rewards and incentives as ways to encourage their customers to stay loyal. 

Get Rewarded For Your Loyalty

This new program by Xfinity is a great way to get rewarded for your continued loyalty to the cable and internet provider. Many customers have often felt jaded by these companies because their prices can feel exuberant for internet and TV access. As such, Xfinity has come up with a solution to quell this dissatisfaction.

Simply sign up and become one of their rewards members. It can provide you with benefits you cannot get anywhere else and help you save money on other items in the long run. Whether you have been a customer for a half year or fourteen plus, you will be able to enjoy the benefits they have to offer. Don’t wait; log in and see what the fuss is about today.