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What Is Show Mode on The Fire HD 8?

Last Updated Jan 17, 2022
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Alexa has recently announced a new feature called Show Mode for the Fire HD 8! Keeping up with Amazon can be quite the undertaking, as they are always coming out with new smart home tech, and they’re no slouch when it comes to improving on devices you already know and love!  But what exactly is Show Mode on the Fire HD 8? 

Show Mode is a recently introduced feature that allows you to use your Amazon Fire Tablet as a fully functioning display that can engage with Alexa from across the room, as well as a host of other features. However, Show Mode is not available on all Fire tablets, as specific operating requirements are needed.  

Pretty cool Amazon, we are loving the idea of using our Fire tablet in a new way. But could it get better? Will it be compatible with our Fire tablet, and how do we use it? Let’s find out! 

What Alexa Can Do On Fire Tablets With Show Mode 

On compatible Amazon Fire tablets, Show Mode lets you use your tablet to control Alexa from anywhere in the room. Show Mode effectively turns your tablet into a fully functioning Echo device without the need for an additional speaker.  

Show Mode can be turned on and off as needed or can be placed into an Always-On setting. When your Fire tablet is in Show Mode, it acts as a visual display and will show notifications such as the weather, timers, shopping lists, or video flash briefs. When Show Mode is off, your tablet functions as it normally would, letting you read or watch streaming content uninterrupted.  

Do I Need A Docking Station To Use Show Mode?  

You do not need a docking station to use Show Mode on your Fire tablet, however, the Always-On function will cause the device’s battery life to drain more quickly, and you will need to connect your Fire tablet to charge more often.  

Does Show Mode Work With Other Alexa Devices?  

Show Mode is Alexa-enabled, meaning it is compatible with all devices connected to your Alexa app. This allows you to use your Fire tablet to communicate seamlessly with any device added to your account, including your Echo speakers and your other Fire devices like your Fire Stick, Cube, or Fire TV. 

Additionally, your tablet does not have to be grouped into a specific room to use Show Mode. As your tablet is a mobile device, Show Mode functions similarly to your Alexa mobile phone app. Your Device Dashboard on your Fire Tablet allows you to view and use the devices connected to the Alexa app, in addition to hands-free control.  

Using Show Mode On Your Amazon Fire Tablet 

Using Show Mode on your Fire tablet is a straightforward process. However, you will first need to make sure that your Fire Tablet is compatible and that Show Mode is available for your device. In this section, we go into which Fire tablet models are compatible with Show Mode, and how to enable Show Mode on your fire tablet.  

Which Amazon Fire Tablets Are Compatible? 

Show Mode is available for the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10, as well as other models of the Fire tablet. However, compatibility may depend on which generation your tablet is and the operating system specs. Below, we have provided a list of all Amazon Fire tablets that are compatible with Show Mode.  

Please note that while some models may be compatible with Show Mode, the Show Mode Charging Dock is only currently compatible with the HD 8 and HD 10 Fire tablets.  

Amazon Fire Tablets Compatible With Show Mode:  

  •  Fire HD 8 (10th Generation) tablets version 
  • Fire HD 8 (7th Generation) tablets version or later 
  • Fire HD 8 (10th Generation) tablets version or later 
  • Fire HD 10 (7th Generation) tablets version or later 
  • Fire HD 10 (9th Generation) tablets version or later 
  • Fire HD 10 (11th Generation) tablets version or later 

Show Mode is not available on the Fire 7 9th or 11th Generation tablets.  

How To Enable Show Mode On Your Fire Tablet 

To use Show Mode, swipe down from the top of the Home Screen and select the Show Mode toggle in the dropdown menu to turn this function On or Off. Alternately, you can give the voice command, “Alexa, switch to Show Mode” and “Alexa turn Show Mode Off” with Alexa Voice Commands enabled on your Fire Tablet.  


Smart home tech is always evolving but breathing new life into existing devices is innovative as well as a convenient choice. Amazon is always finding ways to surprise us, and the answer to what Show Mode is on the Fire HD 8 turned out to be impressive!