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What Is Show Mode on Fire HD 10

Last Updated Jan 14, 2022

Amazon offers a wide range of products, and services such as Firestick, Fire tablet, prime video, kindle, Amazon music as well as smart devices like the Echo Show. Alexa has been connecting these devices as it is featured more on products made by Amazon. One of the features that helps connect the ecosystem more is the Show Mode. So what exactly is the Show Mode?

The Show Mode feature derives its name from the Echo Show, a device made by Amazon to first incorporate their artificial intelligence Alexa with a screen. This is a Mode that can be enabled on larger screen Fire tablets such as the HD 10 to reflect the display you may find on the Echo Show.

So this transforms your Fire HD 10 into an Echo Show that can also be used as your smart home hub. This feature is available only to Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 (only from the 2017 Models upwards). Both devices also offer hands-free Alexa which makes it possible for you to interact with the smart assistant by talking. 

What Does Amazon Show Mode Do?

There are “smart” things your Amazon Fire 10 can do, and to activate it, most can be done through the Show Mode interface. Show Mode gives you another way to operate your tablet. Even when paired with a charging dock, it can act more as a smart hub for your smart home easing your hands from the load. So what does this Mode do?

Amazon Show Mode makes your tablet behave like an echo Show. Using your Fire HD 10 display, you can similarly operate it like an echo Show giving you access to screens that shows you news highlight, weather forecast, your smart home camera as well as a visual presentation of questions you ask.

So when you are in Show Mode, it means you can ask Alexa questions like “Who won the match yesterday”, and see the visual sports report. Or you can ask Alexa to show you footage of your home or lyrics to your favorite music. 

In this Mode, you can also be able to tell Alexa to call one of your contacts or watch from the Amazon video. You can open shortcuts, and toggle your smart devices. There are tons of things you can do with the Show Mode. 

Can I Use Show Mode Without Dock?

Most people who want to use this Show Mode consider getting an innovative charging dock. At least you get a charging dock while your tablet would be on display so the battery never gets to run down. Show Mode docks are meant to be used alongside your tablet if you intend on using it mainly for the Show Mode feature.

Although you can use the Show Mode without the dock. This means finding a way to keep your device slanted while using and charging it. It may look easy on paper, but trust me, you are better off buying a Show Mode charging dock for your Amazon Fire HD 10.

The dock makes enabling this feature very easy. The Show Mode dock comes in two different parts. The first one is the actual dock which you set up by plugging it into a socket. The next is the pad that you plug or place your Fire HD 10 device to start charging. Once you start charging your device on the dock, it automatically switches on the Show Mode feature on your tablet. 

If you would like to learn more about Fire HD 10, check out this article.

How Do I Turn On Show Mode?

Turning the Show Mode on is easy, and there are different kinds of steps you can take to do that. It’s not by going into config, it’s not in the booting process, so how do you turn it on?

Below are the ways which you can switch on the Show Mode feature on your Amazon:

  • By using a charging dock – like we said above, when you use a charging dock on your Fire HD 10, it automatically turns your device into an echo Show hence activating the Show Mode.
  • By using Alexa – With this, you can simply say “Alexa, enter Show Mode”, and the smart assistant would turn it on for you. 
  • By doing it manually – Start by swiping down the notification panel of your Amazon Fire HD, and toggle on Show Mode.

To disable the Show Mode, you can as well swipe down the notification panel of your device, and then google it off.


The Show Mode on Fire HD 10 is a perfect way to connect and control your smart home devices. Paired up with a dock, this device can act as a smart home hub for all your smart home devices. This feature has been redesigned over, and over again to look better and to function better.

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