A good friend of mine has a Google Home and wanted to if Google Home Broadcast is an intercom. To help my friend, I did extensive research online to learn exactly what the Google Home Broadcast feature is. 

What Is Google Home Broadcast? (Is it an Intercom?) Google Home Broadcast functions similarly to an intercom with other Google Home devices. The Broadcast feature allows users to send voice messages to their other Google Home devices. Recipients can reply to the original sender via one of the other devices. 

There is a lot more to know about Google Home Broadcast and some fun tips for using the feature. Knowing the requirements to broadcast and how to customize is just as crucial!

Google Home Broadcast 

Tradfri and Google

Google Home Broadcast acts like an intercom by broadcasting voice messages to your other Google Home devices. Broadcasts are sent to all your other Google Home devices and cannot be sent to specific devices using voice commands (Click here to check out 200+ Google voice commands!)

Family or household members can reply by voice to the original sender within 10 seconds of the broadcast. 

Using Broadcast

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To use Broadcast, say “OK Google, broadcast.” You can also say “shout”, “tell everyone”, or “announce”. Then, say whatever you want to broadcast to your other Google Home devices. 

You can also broadcast messages from your smartphone or tablet by saying the broadcast command in the Google Assistant app. You can do this from anywhere; you don’t have to be at home. You can also type the message you want to broadcast.

To reply to a broadcast, say “OK Google, reply.” Then, say your reply, and it will be sent to the device that the original message came from. The reply will not be sent to any other Google Home devices. You can continue to reply back and forth with the original sender like an intercom or 21st century walkie-talkie. 

Requirements to Broadcast

Google Home Mini Chrome

Google Home Broadcast only works if you have more than one Google Home device. It doesn’t matter which devices you have. It can be any combination of two or more of the following products:

  • Google Home
  • Google Home Mini
  • Google Home Max
  • Google Nest Mini
  • Google Nest Hub
  • Google Nest Hub Max

Google Home Broadcast does not work on Google’s Chromecast devices. 

In order for Google Home Broadcast to work, all of your compatible Google Home devices must be connected to the same Wifi network and signed into the same Google account. 

Without internet going to your Google device, there isn’t much you can do anyways!

Customizing Broadcast

If your home has multiple Google Home devices, you can choose which ones to broadcast to or turn off the Broadcast feature at scheduled times with specific settings. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Do Not Disturb Mode: In the Google Home app, select the device that you do not want to broadcast to. Select “Settings” and “Do Not Disturb”. You can also turn on Do Not Disturb mode with voice commands by saying “Set all devices to Do Not Disturb” or “Set [device name] to Do Not Disturb”. 

When you are ready to broadcast to that device again, just turn off Do Not Disturb mode. 

Keep in mind that in Do Not Disturb mode, reminders and other notifications will be disabled. Timers and alarms will still work.

  1. Night Mode: To turn off Broadcast at scheduled times, select the device you want, go to “Settings”, and select the choice to enable Night Mode. You will have the option to choose specific days and times that Night Mode will be active. Enable Do Not Disturb in night Mode to turn off Broadcast during those times. 

You can also set the volume for the device when Night Mode is active. If you want Broadcast to work in Night Mode, but you want to receive messages at a lower volume, make sure Do Not Disturb is not enabled in Night Mode.

  1. Downtime: Downtime is a feature within the Digital Wellbeing tools of Google Home. Only the person who set up the device can set up Downtime. When Downtime is enabled, Broadcast will not work. The device will also not receive reminders and other notifications, and it will not respond to most commands. 

To turn on Downtime, select “Digital wellbeing” under Settings for a device. First, you will have the option to set up various filters on your devices. If you do not want to set up any filters, select “Skip” and follow the prompts. Similar to Night Mode, you can set up a customized schedule for Downtime to be active. 

Having Fun With Broadcast

Google Home Broadcast can send sounds and pre-set Google Assistant announcements. These commands also broadcast to the device you are broadcasting from. Here are some of these fun broadcasts:

CommandsNoise and/or Announcement
“Time to wake up”Rooster sound and “Morning, time to rise and shine.”
“Breakfast is ready”
Chime sound and “It’s time for breakfast, come and get it.”
“It’s dinner time” Bell sound and “It’s dinner time.”
“On my way”“Hey there, [your name] is on the way.”
“It’s time to leave”Trumpet sound and “It’s time to go”
“It’s movie time”Cinema opening sound and “The film’s about to start.”