What Is a ‘Quick Household Update’ On Xfinity


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It can be frustrating when you watch your favorite show and suddenly lose service due to an update. However, with technology adapting constantly, regular updates have become necessary. One internet service provider that frequently updates your TV is Xfinity. What is a ‘Quick Household Update’ on Xfinity? 

A ‘quick household update’ is an update that occurs daily. It is a short update that should take place at a time when you are not using your TV. 

You should not be receiving update messages at times when you are actively using your TV. However, if you notice the updates more frequently or unscheduled, something else may be at play. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Schedule Quick Household Update On Xfinity

If you have not scheduled your ‘Quick Household Update,’ I highly suggest you do. It would be best if you planned your update for a time that you will not be utilizing your TV as much, such as in the early morning or while you are working.

You can use the guide below to help you navigate the menus and confirm your daily update time:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click OK
  3. Click the Xfinity button
  4. Go to Preferences
  5. Go to General
  6. Click OK
  7. Update the Daily Update Time
  8. Click OK

Now, let’s take a look at how you can tell if your TV is doing a ‘quick household update’ below.

How to Spot Quick Household Update On Xfinity

Now that you know how to set up the quick household update for Xfinity, you may want to know what the update looks like so you can watch TV without any interruption.

There are three indicators that your TV is doing a quick household update:

  • Blue screen 
  • It will have an update notice that says Quick Household Update.
  • It will only take between 5-10 minutes 

If you are experiencing something outside of those three indicators, you might be experiencing an update issue. There are sometimes more extensive software updates that will take longer and are more to fix software updates., whereas the ‘quick household update’ is mainly for minor bugs and more manageable updates.

How to Stop Xfinity Quick Household Updates

Your TV constantly updating may be irritating, so you may be wondering how to stop them. You should keep in mind that, if you turn off the automatic updates for Xfinity, it will often find the best time to update, which might not always be the most convenient time for you. 

To stop your Xfinity quick household updates, just use the same guide as outlined in the previous heading.

If you do this, it would be a good idea to set aside time to update your device once a week. That way, you can plan and enjoy update-free service. 

How Long Does Xfinity Quick Household Update Take? 

On average, the ‘Quick Household Update’ should not take longer than 5-10 minutes. If you are experiencing updates or outages longer than 10 minutes, something might be wrong. It would be a good idea to check for outages in your area or ensure that your WIFI is working correctly. You do not have to have your TV powered on for it to update automatically. 

What to Do If Xfinity Update Is Taking Too Long 

If your update message looks different or takes longer than a few minutes, there might be a problem with the update. 

In this case, you should restart your cable box. To do so, follow these steps: 

  1. Unplug your cable box 
  2. Reset your WIFI Modem 
  3. Plug your cable box back in 
  4. Initiate a reset of your cable box 

Ensure your WIFI and cable box are on and within an acceptable range. This process should clear any issues you were having with the update. If you still have problems, I would advise you to move on to the last suggestion.

What If My Xfinity Cable Box Reboots During Update?

If you notice that your Xfinity cable box is constantly rebooting to the welcome page either after an update or at random, there may be an issue with your internet service. 

If you have Xfinity WIFI and Xfinity cable, take the steps to reboot both as mentioned in the previous section. 

Contact Xfinity Customer Service

Xfinity offers several different options as far as customer support goes, including chat, phone call, email, and their Xfinity forums. 

The forums are a great place to get information about common and uncommon issues, and you can see how other Xfinity users solved the problems. I highly suggest checking them out if you are reluctant to spend much time on the phone with customer support. 


Hopefully, this has been helpful, and If you are experiencing an outage longer than an hour or two, I recommend reaching out to Xfinity for a discount or credit toward your next bill. This device is here to work with you, not against you. 

Use the tools you have to make your life more convenient and efficient. You deserve what you pay for, and as much as updates are necessary, you should not be excessively prevented from enjoying your service.

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