You may be thinking of something new to do to your shower that is not cliché. Perhaps you want an inventive way to control your shower temperature better to find that sweet spot. With technology ever-evolving in other industries, the shower industry wants to become a part of that with digitally controlled shower-.

What is a digitally controlled shower? A digital shower has a remote control digital receiver that is built into the shower unit. This controller is either a touchscreen or color-coded to give you a more simplistic look. They let you pick the flow and temperature of your water.

In the past, you would not have thought of your shower becoming a piece of smart home technology. Now you are able to control the most intimate part of your home by way of your smartphone if you choose. Digitally controlled showers bring your bathroom to the next level and will help bring peace and control to a time meant for yourself.

Digitally Controlled Shower

This shower helps you to control one thing out of your day when all else fails. Digital showers have touchscreen displays or a color-coded lighting system that will:

  • Let you pick the flow and pressure of the water
  • Change and set the temperature of the water
  • Preprogram how you like to shower and also does it for each family member
  • Start the shower without going to your bathroom

Here is an example of one on Amazon, the Moen TS3415 IO/ Digital.

The digital control helps with setting your temperature and making sure it stays there. There is no need to worry that you mistakenly move the handle to a colder temperature.

You do not have to have a fancy home to own one, and they work with different types of water systems.

How Do They Work?

The control unit is connected to the shower either by a cable or wireless technology. There is a thermostat that is built inside of the controller that will display your water temperature.

They are capable of working with any heating system. You can have a boiler or an immersion heater, and that will work with your digital shower.

Digital showers work just like mixer showers. They take both the hot and cold water until your shower reaches the temperature you set it on and stays there. You can use a digital shower with either high or low water pressure.

Knowing how they work and what they offer can help you decide if you want to turn your ordinary shower into an enchanting space.

Why Should You Get One?

The digital showers have an environmental benefit to them. With their precise controlling of water flow and temperature, you can choose when to turn on or off your shower.

The brand of shower you pick has the possibility of a shut-off feature if you have it set for it to stop after a number of minutes. There would be no need to keep moving the handle to get the right temperature.

You have the option of using your digital shower through:

  • Smartphone app
  • Voice operated
  • The controllers that come with the shower

Some of the controllers that come with different digital shower brands are compact and can fit anywhere. The LCD touchscreen can be used easily, and some do come with soft-touch buttons as well.

You have the ability to customize how you want your shower session to go. Once you have preprogrammed it, it will warm up and do what you have asked of it and when.

If you enjoy a spa-like atmosphere, you can get a digital shower that has hydrotherapy and chromotherapy with steam options. These settings help with:

  • Decreased inflammation
  • Improved mood
  • Relaxation in muscle tension
  • Pain relief

Having a shower that is capable of improving your everyday life will put your mind at ease.

They have the option of coming with different shower head types like rainfall or wall head. If you decide to get a digital shower, the model will depend on your own personal preference.

So, if you have made your decision on buying a digitally controlled shower, there are some brands to choose from.

Brands of Digital Shower Controls

There is a wide range of digitally controlled showers since they are a fairly new trend that is catching on quickly.

  • Moen TS3415 IO/ Digital: This is a color-coded lighting system with a chrome finish. It also comes with an M-PACT common valve system.
  • Moen U Shower: It can be used by voice, phone, and controller. There is a U by Moen app that you can use with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant.
  • Kohler K-527-1CP DTV Shower System: This is a beginner’s digital shower and has a digital screen with soft raised buttons.
  • Kohler 99693-P-NA DTV+ Shower: Has a touchscreen and the ability to control water, light audio, and steam.