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What Ink Does The HP Deskjet 2600 Use?

Last Updated Jun 14, 2022

You bought your HP Deskjet 2600 printer and have been using the printer to your heart’s content. You have printed out photos, documents, and more. Unfortunately, you have noticed that your ink is getting low. The question becomes: what kind of ink does your printer use?

The HP Deskjet 2600 printer uses HP 65XL cartridges. You need both color and black cartridge. Ensure you install the ink cartridges correctly by loading the ink into the front of the printer and dispose of the old ones through the proper channels.

Below you will see how to find the best price on the ink you require, how to install that ink properly, how to make sure your ink is quality, and even how to dispose of the old ink cartridges you own. 

Finding the Required Ink for HP Deskjet 2600

There are a couple of places you can find ink for your HP Deskjet 2600 printer rather than the actual HP website. It’s always nice to compare prices, especially when you are looking at whether to buy the cartridges a la carte or not.

The places you can buy HP65XL ink cartridges for your HP Deskjet 2600 are Amazon, HP’s website, and your local office supply stores such as Staples, OfficeMax, or Office Depot.

On Amazon, the black 65xl cartridge, on its own, is about $32.89. Then the Tri-color 65xl is about $37.89. Combined, that is a total of $70.78. Fortunately, Amazon also has a pack of color and black ink for $39.99. Prices will generally be the same wherever you go but keep an eye out for deals because the ink can get pretty expensive.

Installing Ink 

You will install the new ink the same way you did when you first got your printer. So, start by loading the paper and starting the alignment process. Then:

  • Open up the front panel. You can find the panel by the output tray. There will be a handle to hold on to and pull open. There the cartridges will move to be in the center of the printer. 
  • Once they finish moving to the center, lightly press down, and the old cartridge will pop right out. Do not push too hard, as you do not want to break either the cartridge or the holder for the cartridge. Repeat that with the second ink cartridge as well. 
  • On the new ink, peel off the orange plastic tape before placing it in the slot. This keeps the ink from drying out. Also, do not touch the ink, as you will get it all over yourself. 
  • Then, insert the ink into the slot at an angle. From there, you should be able just to pop it right in. After closing the front panel, it will realign itself and be ready to print. 

After installing new ink, you should always print a test page to ensure the ink has been installed correctly. 

The Printer Isn’t Printing…

After you’ve installed your ink, you go to run a test page, or even if the test page has already been run, and your printer isn’t printing any new jobs. This wasn’t happening before you installed the new ink, so what should you do?

Make Sure you Have the Right Ink

So, you’ve installed your ink, and the ink isn’t working for some reason. You’ve installed it correctly, so what happened? 

The first thing you want to do is make sure you got authentic HP ink. While you could find an ink that is a non-HP brand, checking the quality is always important. Always make sure you check the quality of your ink. 

You don’t want anything gunking up your printer. Amazon or any local retailer will be able to give you the authentic ink. Just make sure it has the HP logo on it. 

Realign Your Printer

Aligning the ink cartridges could also be something that you need to do. When you put in a new cartridge, the printer will sometimes do it for you, but you might need to help it along. 

  1. Open up the scanner lid
  2. Place the alignment paper down and make sure it is in the marked section
  3. Close the lid
  4. Click the Start Copy button

This should help align the printer and hopefully help it to print correctly. You can also clean the bottom of the cartridge and ensure it is not sticking to it. 

How to Get Rid of Old Ink Cartridges

So, what do you do with the old ink cartridges that clutter up your house? First of all, don’t throw them away in the trash! These cartridges can be recycled or sometimes even sold for cash. Usually, going to your local office supply store should be the best thing to do. They will have areas where you can go ahead and recycle those empty and useless boxes. 

Sending them to HP or their original manufacturer is also an option to get rid of them. 


When buying replacement ink for your HP Deskjet 2600, you want to look specifically for 65 or 65XL ink. You will need both black ink and tricolor ink. These can be bought through the HP website, Amazon, or a local retail shop. Just make sure you buy legitimate HP ink. You don’t want your printer to get all gunked up.

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