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How Do I Cancel My Vivint Contract?

Last Updated Aug 18, 2020
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With the continued increase in property crime rates in the US daily, homeowners/renters are beginning to adopt smart home technology-based security measures in protecting their homes from burglars and strangers. Home security companies like Vivint are at the forefront of these smart home transformations, offering diverse categories of smart home security systems. However, if you’re planning on switching security systems or moving, you may be thinking about canceling your Vivint account.  

If you cancel your Vivint before the end of the agreed contract, you may have to pay for termination fees. Often, your Vivint account may still be active even after canceling it. You will need to disable your account, remove the cellular module, and reach out to the company via phone call or mail to verify that your account has been canceled.

If you are thinking of canceling your Vivint subscription, then this article is for you. In this article, you’ll learn more using and canceling your Vivint subscription the right way without facing penalties.

How Do You Cancel Vivint?

Generally, you can cancel your Vivint subscription by either calling, faxing, or mailing to notify the company about your decision 30 days before officially canceling it. Below are several ways to cancel your Vivint contract.

Cancel via Snail Mail

You can simply cancel your Vivint contract by sending a written letter through your local post office. If you decide to cancel via writing, you will need to send a paper copy of your Notice of Cancellation (NOC) along with other relevant information. With several cases of un-received letters, you should send it through certified mail to avoid your letter getting lost in the mail.

When sending your Notice of Cancellation, you’ll need to include the following details:

  • Date of notice
  • Service number
  • Reason for cancellation
  • Valid signature

You will need to send the letter to the following address:


4931 N 300 W

Provo, UT 84604

Once you have decided to cancel your Vivint contract or subscription, you should send a letter or put a call through to your bank to cancel any future payments to the company.

Cancel via Phone

Canceling by phone is one of the most common methods Vivint users use to cancel their contracts. To cancel your Vivint contract by phone, you need to call the Vivint customer phone number (855-995-1224) to help you with the process. However, while you can cancel by phone, you’ll still need to send a paper copy of your notice of cancellation.

If you are canceling a Vivint contract as a result of the death of the primary user or bankruptcy, you will need to send the company a copy of some form documentation to substantiate your claims.

Cancel via Email

You can also decide to cancel your Vivint contract by sending an email with your Notice of Cancellation to the company’s official email. If you decide to go with this method, you should send your notice of cancellation letter to from the email address connected to your Vivint account.

You should also contact their customer representative to confirm if they received your cancellation request email.

Cancel via Fax

You can also cancel your ongoing Vivint contract by sending a fax to the Vivint correspondence unit. You can send your Notice of Cancellation details to their fax number (801-377-4116). Again, you should reach out to the Vivint customer support unit to confirm if they got your fax. 

Are There Penalties for Canceling Vivint?

Depending on the situation surrounding your Vivint contract cancellation, you may be faced with cancellation penalties if you cancel before the end of your contract. However, Vivint allows users to cancel their Vivint contract penalty-free in the following cases:

  • Death of the primary user
  • User files for bankruptcy
  • The user is a member of the US military and is going overseas
  • The user moves into retirement or is relocating to an elderly home

Under any of the above situations, you are not required to pay for early cancellation penalties. However, you will need to send Vivint credible documents to support your claims.

How Long Does It Take to Cancel Vivint?

Once Vivint receives your Notice of Cancellation, you’ll receive a call from the company regarding the cancellation and options for terminating your contract. Note that Vivint only allows users to cancel their contract within three days of receiving your equipment.

With that in mind, make sure to at least email your notice of cancellation at least 30 days before your desired end date.

Can You Still Use Vivint without a Subscription?

Yes, it is possible to use your Vivint equipment without paying for the usual monthly subscription if you decide to cancel it. However, you will miss out on benefits such as professional monitoring, access to the Vivint mobile app, and the dedicated 24/7 technical support.

Final Thoughts

While Vivint offers a lot of benefits via its range of smart home security systems, you should endeavor to follow the right steps when canceling your contract. This is to avoid getting trapped in an expensive long-term contract with the company. Most importantly, when sending your notice of cancellation, you should make a copy of the notice delivery report as evidence should they claim that you did not submit the right documentation.

If you’re looking to try out a new home security system, check out our article on the best smart security systems on the market that don’t charge monthly fees!

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