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What Happened To Nest Cam IQ Outdoor? (Is It Discontinued?)

Last Updated Dec 2, 2021

The Nest Cam IQ outdoor is a decent wireless security camera with amazing features. Besides the good battery life, the 12x zoom and 1080p allow crystal clear imaging without distortion. However, with a wave of new Nest series coming out, there have been questions regarding the future of Nest Cam IQ outdoor cameras.

Google has discontinued the production of Nest Cam IQ outdoor in favor of new and improved Nest series cameras. The wireless security cameras will not be available on their marketplace or any other online vendor. However, software support will still be available to existing customers.

That’s not all, as you still need to know which new outdoor cameras will be released, whether all Nest products are being discontinued, and what happened to Nest Cam IQ indoor, which you will learn if you read on.

Did Nest Discontinue the Outdoor IQ Camera?

Nest, owned by Google, decided to discontinue the production of outdoor IQ cameras. The move ends four years of service by this wireless camera and is expected to pave the way for new and improved Nest cameras.

The product, which sold for $399, will not be available for purchase on Google Store, but a new line of Nest cameras will take its place. Pricing was the main problem with this product, although it was a decent security camera with a great video resolution. The camera also had an impressive 12x zooming, which made it stand out from the crowd.

However, Nest has decided to continue software support to existing customers. The new Nest cameras are also expected to cost less than the IQ outdoor models, allowing you to upgrade immediately.

Is Nest Coming Out With New Outdoor Cameras?

Google’s Nest might have taken a while to release new products, but recent announcements confirm that a new line of Nest cameras will be hitting the market soon. Although Nest is not producing complete outdoor cameras, the new models will function as indoor and outdoor cameras.

Among the latest Nest cameras expected to come out are:

  • Nest cam battery which functions as an indoor and outdoor camera
  • Nest doorbell battery
  • Nest cam with floodlights
  • Google Nest cam wired

These cameras are said to have improved software, providing more functionality. The cameras have maintained the 1080p resolution and 6x or more digital zoom. There are also improvements made on battery capabilities, allowing the camera to remain operational for months depending on how many videos you have set it to record.

The cameras in question can perform well indoors and outdoors, eliminating the need to buy different models for these purposes. For instance, Nest Cam with floodlight streams 1080p video quality and comes with 2,400-lumen floodlights. The floodlights are also weatherproof, but the camera is not and should be shielded from direct contact with water.

It’s also worth mentioning that the cameras come equipped with local storage capable of storing an hour-long video. You’ll find the function useful when there is an internet or power interruption. However, make sure you check on the camera more often and empty the internal storage so that it’s ready to record the next time a similar problem occurs.

Google Nest cam wired is another excellent outdoor camera with impeccable HD resolution. However, this camera requires constant power and should therefore be connected to a power source at all times.

Are Nest Products Being Discontinued?

Not all Nest products are being discontinued, as new and improved Nest cams are expected to (or have already) enter the market. Only a select few Nest products are being discontinued, with a majority remaining operational.

Nest is trying to keep ahead of the competition, and this will be seen in their latest Nest Cam series that are supposed to be more improved and perform better.

What Happened to Nest Cam IQ Indoor?

Nest Cam IQ indoor is also discontinued along with the Nest Cam IQ series. Although the existing models will still receive software support, they will also be replaced with a new series of Nest indoor cameras. Google made the statement which will see six years of Nest Cam IQ indoor coming to an end.

The good news is that you can buy a Nest Cam battery that works well indoors and outdoors. It also has an improved battery life and smart-voice capability. Although both Nest cameras use smartphone apps, Nest Cam’s battery’s app has new functionalities that allow you to interact with the camera better. It can also differentiate between animals and humans, making it possible to keep the recordings lower, hence saving battery power.


Nest decided to discontinue both Nest Cam IQ indoor and outdoor to give way to new Nest series cameras, but software support will still continue for these cameras. The move aims to improve the wireless camera production to compete with other brands since Nest had taken a while before releasing a product.  However, not all Nest products are being discontinued.

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