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What Does VTech Stand For?

Last Updated Nov 2, 2022
A child and toddler playing with a VTech toy

These days it feels like there are a million acronyms you need to know, especially around technology. It can be daunting, so let’s start with an easy one: what does VTech stand for?

VTech is an electronics company that specializes in electronic learning products. VTech is short for Video Technology Limited, the company’s original name. 

You might still be wondering what the company does, though. Keep reading to learn more about VTech and their products.

What Does VTech Stand For?

VTech was originally founded in 1976 under the name Video Technology Limited with the launch of their first product, a home TV game console. 

VTech is short for Video Technology Limited because the company originally focused on products utilizing video technology. 

The electronics company changed their name from Video Technology Limited to VTech in 1990, shortly after introducing the world to their fully digital cordless telephone

Is VTech Different from VTEC?

The terms VTech and VTEC get mixed up or used interchangeably frequently, but they have very different meanings and origins. 

VTechVideo TechnologyShortened form of Video Technology Limited
VTECVariable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic ControlSystem created for Honda vehicles

While VTech is the name of an electronics company, VTEC is a system developed by Honda to use in their vehicles’ engines. 

What Does VTech Do?

Since the company’s creation VTech has mostly manufactured two types of products:

  • Electronic learning products
  • Residential phones

VTech boasts of being “the global leader in electronic learning products” for kids from infancy through preschool, as well as the largest producer of home phones in the United States.

As the market for electronics has changed over the years, VTech has changed with it to stay relevant by utilizing the latest technology in their products. 

If you were a kid in the 1970s, you might remember VTech for their portable LCD games; yes, the ones with the teeny tiny display that required a flashlight to play in the dark. 

Since then, the company has evolved to keep up with electronics trends, and they now offer modern tech devices like digital baby monitors and smartwatches for kids.

VTech Products for Kids

VTech’s most popular products are electronics that aid child development. VTech separates their products for kids into three sections:

  • Baby
  • Infant and toddler
  • KidiTech

VTech’s baby products are intended for babies under two years old and focus on tactile and fine motor skills development. 

For example, the Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads features multiple fabric textures, bead rings, lights, and music sung by a fluffy purple cow. 

VTech’s infant and toddler toys are for kids 1 to 4 years old and help them practice skills they’ll use as they get older. Many of VTech’s infant and toddler products resemble grown-up tools.

The VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk is a great tool for preparing your kids for school and getting them accustomed to learning at a desk. 

VTech’s KidiTech

What really separates VTech from other kid’s toy brands is their collection of KidiTech, which includes easy-to-use tech-like cameras and smartwatches with built-in safety features for kids. 

The VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone is a perfect way to slowly adjust your kids to using adult technology. It has apps like music and photos but doesn’t allow access to the internet.

When your kids are a bit older, you can upgrade them to the VTech KidiBuzz, a smartphone specifically designed for kids under nine and comes with robust safety features, including

  • Parent-approved contacts
  • Daily time limits
  • KidiCom Chat app

With kids eager to use the same technology as their parents, KidiTech offers a safe way for parents to teach their kids about smart technology. 

VTech’s Other Products

Besides kid’s toys, VTech also makes great products for parents or businesses. 

Products for Parents

One of their most popular non-kid products is their Video Baby Monitor, which comes in a few different varieties and offers features like

  • Ability to move and tilt camera remotely
  • Color LCD screen
  • Soothing sounds
  • Two-way intercom
  • Night vision

These features are great for setting parents at ease when they can’t be in the room with their children. VTech also makes soothers that play relaxing sounds for babies. 

Products for Businesses

VTech also offers a wide array of business products that are great for modern businesses split between the office and remote work.

VTech’s conference phones have wireless microphones that can be moved around a boardroom, making conference calls easy by picking up every part of the conversation.


VTech is the name of a popular electronics company, short for Video Electronics Limited. You might remember their toys from the 90s, but they have updated products for a 2020s lifestyle.

VTech offers a huge selection of children’s toys for any age group and great tech for parents and businesses.