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What Does the Purple Light on Orbi Mean?

Last Updated Sep 26, 2022
purple light

Mesh routers have become the new standard for wireless networks, with a projected 15% growth per year. The Netgear Orbi is meant to bring mesh networks to home users. In setting up and using these devices, you may wonder what happens when a purple light appears on an Orbi unit.

The purple light on an Orbi means that the unit cannot connect to the Internet. This purple light can appear on either the router or the satellite device.

Whatever Orbi device of yours has a purple ring, it boils down to one thing: the device is not working as it should be. Read on for some things you can try to do to get rid of that purple light.

Check Your Cabling

The Orbi router flashes a purple light when the WAN connection is down. By checking the cables, you can fix any potential issues with the physical connection between the Orbi and the modem.

The cabling between the modem and the router should be checked for any potential nicks or other signs of damage.

If you suspect the cable in any way, replace it! Knowing that the physical connection is in good working order will at least give you peace of mind.

Check Your Configuration

An Orbi device will have a purple light if it cannot receive an IP address. This can happen to either the router or a satellite.

If the Orbi router has a purple light, then it cannot receive an IP address from the modem or from the Internet Service Provider. By checking your modem configuration, you can ensure that the modem is giving out IP addresses properly.

Make sure you take note of the kind of Orbi router you have though. An external modem may not always be necessary.  This may be necessary with some models (like the CBR750) that integrate the modem into the router.  

With these types of Orbi routers, check the included instructions for your specific setup.

Try Re-synching

If an Orbi satellite has a purple light problem, the satellite could be out of sync with the router.

To fix this, try re-synching the two devices by pressing the sync button first on the router and then on the satellite unit in question.

These buttons must be pressed in this order within 2 minutes for the synching to attempt properly. If the sync was successful, the satellite unit light should be blue (or at the very least, orange).

Move the Units Closer

If the satellite light is purple, the satellite could be positioned too far from the router to have a stable connection. Although the Orbi devices have a great range, the distance and type of wall between the devices can affect that range.  

If this is the case, by moving the satellite unit closer to the router, you should be able to fix this issue.  After the units are closer, the satellite will have to be synced with the router.

Reset the Units

While resetting the units seems like a trivial endeavor, it can be extremely effective. By resetting the units, you can clear any internal problems the unit may have.

To do this, just turn the units off and wait 5 minutes. After the time has passed, turn the units back on and try to connect them. If this does not work, perhaps a factory reset is necessary.

Here is how to perform a factory reset:

  • Power on the device
  • Press the Reset button using a pin or other small object

Once the light turns amber, the device has been reset. Do note that this should only be considered as a last resort.

Check With Your ISP

Check with your Internet Service Provider if you are still stuck on this issue.

The answer could be as simple as a blanket network outage. Depending on your ISP, the hardware they use to transmit the signal, and additional factors could mean the ISP has an outage in your area.

Also make sure you’ve paid the bill! If you are sometimes forgetful about this, check with your ISP to see if they have an autopay option.

Contact Netgear

If none of the other solutions have worked and you have tried everything, then you could have a faulty unit(s).

Contact Netgear and their technical support to see if you can get this issue resolved. If you bought the unit from Netgear directly, chances are they will be able to replace your broken units with working ones.

You do not want the purple light to stay on your Orbi device for very long. Whatever method you use to fix that problem will be well worth it!

Mesh networks have a ton of benefits in terms of scalability and range. This newer home network type should be taken advantage of!