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What Does Kindle Scribe Support? (PDF, ePub, Mobi, Scribd)

Last Updated Dec 23, 2022
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Kindle has pushed the boundaries even further than ever before with the release of the Kindle Scribe. Kindle has listened to their users and broadened the use of this device even more, supporting a massive range of file types. But, what specific file types does the Kindle Scribe support?

The Kindle Scribe supports a wide range of reading and writing formats, including: 

  • PDF 
  • DOCX 
  • TXT 
  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • ePub
  • Scribd 
  • Mobi

This list includes just a few of the file formats you can view on your Kindle Scribe. Below, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Scribe’s supported formats. Keep reading to learn more!

What Does Kindle Scribe Support? 

Book lovers everywhere had a whole new world opened up to them when the first E-book reader was created. 

Nothing can replace the smell of a new book, but having the option of carrying thousands of books in your pocket is extremely convenient. 

Kindle assured users they were listening right from the start. They’ve created E-readers with a long battery life and amazing capabilities.

With each new version that has been released, Kindle has pushed the bar even higher. This is also the case with the Kindle Scribe. 

The Scribe allows you to make notes, read books, and listen to audiobooks. Plus, the amount of file formats it supports is astounding. The extensive list includes PDF, DOCX, TXT, Mobi, JPEG, ePub, and Scribd. It is unlikely that you will send a file to the Scribe that it cannot read.

Why are there so many options? Because Kindle wants their users to be able to use the Scribe for all their literary needs. 

What Can I Use My Kindle Scribe for?

You can use the Kindle Scribe in a variety of different ways. 

The WiFi-enabled device allows users to shop for books, magazines, and audiobooks. 

But, the main thing that draws people to the Kindle Scribe is its reading, writing, and listening capabilities.

With a wide range of supported formats, the Scribe takes what you can do with your E-reader to a whole new level. 


The primary function of an E-Reader is reading as many books as your heart desires, and the Scribe delivers on that front. 

It has plenty of reading formats you can choose from, making it very unlikely that you will ever miss out on your favorite book because the file is not supported. 

The Scribe shows your favorite books, magazines, and graphic novels in incredible detail. 

Whatever genre you love to read, the Scribe will give you many options to choose from. 

Some of the most popular E-book formats include ePub and Mobi, both of which are compatible with the Kindle Scribe. 

In addition to massive file compatibility, the Scribe has up to 64GB of storage space for your favorite books. 

With six weeks of battery life, it will never let you down when you need to escape into a book. 


Writing on your Kindle Scribe is what sets this version apart from others. 

It feels like you are writing on paper, but it is much better for the environment. 

Because it is so light, you can always carry the Scribe with you and ensure you always have a notebook around when inspiration strikes. 

There are a number of supported file formats you can write with, including Microsoft Word files that can then be imported or exported for use on other devices later on. 

Another great thing about the Scribe is that you can make notes inside your books

Readers that used to love making notes of specials passage or giving themselves reminders to come back can now do this in their favorite E-books. 

This feature is compatible with most reading formats, including Mobi

Listening to Audiobooks 

The Scribe does not have a microphone, but you can connect a Bluetooth speaker or headphones. 

With a subscription service like Amazon’s Audible, you can download many different audiobooks and podcasts to listen to on your Scribe. 

All Audible formats are supported and make the device a lot more accessible. 

In Conclusion

With the Scribe, Kindle has upped its game once again. 

The Scribe supports many file formats, allowing you to read, write, make notes, and even listen to audiobooks and podcasts. It is a great addition to the Kindle family.