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What Does It Mean When The Red Light Flashes On A Sony TV?

Last Updated Oct 8, 2021
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When smart home tech malfunctions, it can range anywhere from a five-minute annoyance to an all-day disaster. The absolute worst is when the tech that’s going haywire is an expensive device like your smart TV. We invest not only money, but real-time in getting our entertainment system exactly the way we want it, and no one wants to troubleshoot their Sony TV.

The red LED light on the front of a Sony TV is repeatedly flashing or blinking because the TV has detected an issue or a problem. The number of times the LED light blinks indicates the action needed to resolve the problem. 

Okay, while this is not good news, it isn’t a reason to lose hope! We kept digging and we found out more about this red blinking light, as well as more information on the different LED indicator lights you may experience on your Sony TV. With our tips, you’ll be prepared for any issue the indicator lights on your TV are reporting. Read on for troubleshooting tips to help you resolve this issue and get back to watching the content you love!

Troubleshooting A Blinking Red Light

Before we get into the troubleshooting tips for correcting the issue indicated by the blinking red light on your Sony TV, it is important to note that a flashing light can indicate a problem that will require you to have your TV serviced. You can contact Sony Support via their website, or using Google Play or the Apple Play Store to download the Sony Support App.   

Please use the troubleshooting tips below: 

  • If the TV will not respond to the remote or power button, unplug it for three minutes.
  • Clean any vents/slots in the TV cabinet to ensure it has good air circulation.
  • Unplug all of the devices connected to your TV, then reconnect them one by one. If the light stops blinking, the issue could be with one of the connected devices 
  • You may require an update to your TVs software. To update the TV software, go to Product Support or Contact Sony and find out if there is an update.
  • If your TV is Internet-capable, make sure to turn on Automatic Software Updates. Older CRT TVs and TVs that cannot be connected to the Internet do not have an option to check for a software update or may not be capable of being updated.
  • If your Sony TV has a separate display and media box, make sure the cable connecting them is secure.
  • For Projection TVs, make sure that the cover/door for the lamp is closed and secure.

Other LED Indicator Lights

In this section, we have provided a short breakdown of other LED indicator lights you should look for on your Sony TV to assist you below: 

  • Orange: A solid orange or amber light means that a timer has been set and is active on the television. For a Sleep Timer, the TV will turn off after a set amount of time. For the On/Off Timer, the TV is set to turn off at a specific time. An Orange light also indicates your TV is undergoing a software update. 
  • Green Or White: The TV is powering on. These green or white lights may flash when using the remote in some models. 
  • Lamp Light (Projection TVs only): A blinking Lamp Light is indicating the projector light requires a replacement.  
  • No Light: The TV is functioning normally and is turned off. On TVs with an Energy Saving Switch, no light indicates that the switch is off and will need to be turned on again for the TV to function. 


While a flashing red light on your Sony smart TV is a cause for concern, there is no need to panic. With a few troubleshooting tips and tricks and the support of the manufacturer, you can get your TV up and running again! 

In this article, we provided an answer to our initial question of what the red light flashing on our Sony TV means, and we discovered some valuable troubleshooting tips and more information on what all the LED indicator lights on our Sony TV mean. Now you can proceed with confidence to resolve your issue and get back to streaming your favorite content and games in no time at all! 

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