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What Does ISO Stand For On Facebook?

Last Updated Nov 3, 2022
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When you’re on social media, it can feel like there are a million terms you’ve never seen before. You might’ve seen the acronym “ISO” on Facebook, but what does it mean?

The term ISO stands for “in search of.” It is a way for Facebook users to communicate that they are seeking a specific product or service and get help from friends.

Once you know what it stands for, you’ll find that ISO can be a helpful term for social media and online marketplaces like Facebook. Keep reading to learn how!

So, What Does ISO Stand for on Facebook?

Before you learn to make or respond to an ISO post yourself, let’s understand what this term means and where it came from. This term might’ve been around longer than you think. 

ISO, or in search of, is a phrase once found in classified ads. It is now commonly used on social media and means that a person is searching for a product, service, or information.

Here are some examples of how ISO might be used on Facebook to find a product, service, or information:

ProductMy A/C stopped working, ISO air conditioner under $300.
ServiceMy A/C stopped working, ISO air conditioner repairman available today.
InformationMy A/C stopped working, ISO recommendations for trustworthy local air conditioning companies. 

Notice that the phrasing of each post changes depending on what the person is looking for, even though they all start with the same problem: a broken A/C unit. 

Follow along to learn more about what each of these examples means and how you can make your own ISO post to get help finding what you need or even help out your friends.

Tips for Making an ISO Facebook Post

If you’re looking for something specific and want the help of your Facebook friends, an ISO post could be a great option. All you need to do is make a regular Facebook post!

The most important thing to remember when making an ISO post is to be specific, which can help save you from wasting your friends’ time or sifting through items that don’t fit your needs. 

DoISO Max and Lily brand twin-over-full size bunk bed with no visible damage for under $400. Please comment if you have one for sale or trade. 
Don’tISO bunk bed.

You should always include a price and how you’d like to be contacted. If someone has an item that fits your needs, they can comment on your post or send a message on the Messenger app. 

To find someone to perform a service for you, post ISO + what service you need + your budget and timeframe. Be realistic about your budget and timeline if you want to get responses! 

If you’re looking for recommendations, you can post “ISO recommendations for a good [blank]” and include your priorities, like affordability or location, so your friends can share relevant ideas. 

You might see some other terms, like “bump” in groups if someone is ISO of something.

How to Respond to an ISO Facebook Post

ISO posts on Facebook are only effective if other Facebook users respond to them appropriately. Here are some tips about when and how to respond to a friend’s ISO post.

When responding to an ISO post on Facebook, make sure your reply matches the posted…

  • Price range 
  • Time frame
  • Specifications 
  • Priorities

Let’s use an example from earlier. If a friend posts “ISO air conditioner under $300,” you should only respond if you know where they could find an A/C unit for under $300.

If someone is “ISO air conditioner repairman available today,” you should only reply if you or someone you know is available today to repair their air conditioner. 

If your friend is “ISO recommendations for a local A/C company,” you can respond with an A/C company you’ve used before that provides good service. 

Other Meanings of ISO

Like many acronyms, ISO can have different meanings in different contexts. On top of Facebook, ISO can also be used for

  • Photography
  • Standardization

In the photography world, ISO refers to a camera’s light sensitivity. A low ISO value on camera film means low light sensitivity, while a high value means high light sensitivity. 

ISO also stands for International Organization for Standardization, which develops and publishes international standards. 

Generally, when used on Facebook, ISO means “in search of,” but if you see it in different contexts, consider the acronym’s other possible meanings.  

We also have a list of abbreviations you’ll see on Instagram, which can also be used on Facebook.


The term ISO stands for “in search of” and is used on Facebook to help users find the products or services they need by getting help or recommendations from their friends. 

Making and responding to ISO posts on Facebook is a great way to connect with your community and friends to support each other, as long as you stay focused on the specifics.

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