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What Does Exp Mean On Hulu? (The Clock Is Ticking)

Last Updated Oct 21, 2022
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Hulu is the home to thousands of TV shows to watch live or at your leisure. Many shows are added daily, but some have Exp next to them. Many people wonder what does it mean?

Exp means that the show or movie will be removed from Hulu’s catalog of shows shortly. Hulu notifies users about the length of time the show has left too.

Hulu tries to make its system simple and easy for anyone using the platform. We break their expiration system down into more detail in this article so you won’t be caught off guard.

What is Exp Short For?

Since you’re seeing Exp, and it means it will be removed from Hulu, what does it mean?

Exp is short for the word expire or expiration when it comes to Hulu. They use this abbreviation to inform users that a show will be taken down and no longer offered in the future. 

This provides users enough time to go back and binge-watch their favorite shows on many channels, including Bravo,  without the risk of missing out on important seasons or episodes. 

What is Exp Today on Hulu?

So there’s Exp, but what is Exp Today?

Exp Today is the absolute last day left to watch a show on Hulu. Tomorrow it will be removed from the system, and you will no longer be able to view it.

If you saved it in your queue or favorites, it would be removed without notification. So even if you try to save it to your account or queue, it’s no use; it will disappear as promised.

Why Do Shows Expire on Hulu?

Hulu negotiates licensing with its TV show and movie providers. This means they agree to purchase the license or rights to the content to be placed on their platform for some time.

Once that agreed-upon time is up, the movie or show can no longer be featured. This is a contractual obligation between the content owner and the content provider.

Hulu Originals do not often meet this fate. This is because Hulu owns the rights to these shows and movies and is not required to take them down after a certain time.

Essentially, they paid for the content to be created to stay on their platform without additional costs in royalty and licensing payments.

Can I Tell how Long I Have Until a Show Expires?

Hulu makes it convenient to track how long a user has to watch a show before it is expired and removed from the platform. 

To find out, follow these quick steps:

  1. Log in to your Hulu account on your computer, smartphone, or TV
  2. Search for the show you want to watch
  3. Find the Exp section on the title screen
  4. Look to the right of Exp and note the number

The number next to the Exp wording of a show demonstrates how many days a user has before the content expires. The day will change on its own as time counts down. As it gets closer, users can see the following prompts:

  • Exp Soon
  • Exp Sunday
  • Exp Today

These are common expiration phrases Hulu uses to give users an idea of how much time is left and give them enough urgency to watch their show before it is gone.

The Stroke of Midnight

If you are like many users, you are probably wondering exactly what time Hulu removes shows that are expired from their library. 

Just like Cinderella, Hulu shows expire (or turn into a pumpkin) at midnight or, more specifically, 23:59 on Sundays.

This means the true procrastinator or binge-watching show lover can get the most out of their show if they finish it right before the clock strikes midnight. 

Until we Meet Again

For those individuals who do not have enough time to watch the show before it disappears from the library, it doesn’t mean it is the end of the line forever.

Occasionally, Hulu will place a show on its platform again. On the other hand, Hulu is the decision maker regarding what can be put back on the platform. 

If you are determined to watch the show and can’t on Hulu, here are some alternatives:

  • Netflix
  • PrimeVideo
  • YouTube TV
  • Disney+
  • Peacock
  • HBOmax

Each of these streaming services offers unique content. This content can be viewed before you subscribe, and many offer free trials. 

Budget-savvy TV enthusiasts will find the show they want to watch, sign up for the free trial, and cancel it once they are done before the trial is up. 

You can also purchase and use a VPN, such as VPN Proxy Master. We’ve got great instructions on how to use a VPN for streaming.

Time Is Running Out

When Hulu puts Exp next to a show, it simply means time is running out, and it is time to get serious about watching the show. 

After all, it will be taken down sooner rather than later!

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