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What Do The Orange Lights Mean On The Google Nest Audio?

Last Updated Feb 3, 2022
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Google Nest Audio is a powerful portable smart speaker that’s doing incredibly well in the market. It comes equipped with four tiny bulbs to show you the operating condition of the device. However, some people tend to get confused when the bulbs light orange, and to their defense, the light has several meanings.

The four orange lights on Google Nest Audio mean the microphone is muted, and Google Assistant cannot respond to verbal commands. You need to flip the microphone switch to unmute the microphone. However, blinking orange lights might also mean there is something wrong with the microphone.

That’s not all, as you still need to know whether it’s possible to turn off the orange lights how to troubleshoot your Google Nest Audio if the orange lights stay on even after unmuting the microphone, which you will learn if you read on.

What’s the Meaning of the Orange Lights on Google Nest Audio?

Google Nest Audio might be one of the best portable speakers out there, but some people have found it a bit complicated to explain its inner workings, especially when it comes to LED lights. Each light has a different meaning, and orange ones tend to confuse people a lot.

Four solid orange lights mean the microphone is muted, and Google Assistant cannot respond to your verbal commands. However, you can still use the speaker to play music, but you’ll have to control it manually.

Make sure you unmute the microphone by flipping the switch located at the bottom of the device. You can also use the Google Home App to control the microphone.

If you notice blinking orange lights, it means there is something wrong with the microphone, and you should have it checked immediately.

Is it Possible to Turn off Orange Lights on Google Nest Audio?

Unfortunately, there is no option of turning off orange lights on your Google Nest Audio. However, unmuting the microphone will help solve this problem, but then the lights will turn white. The alternative method is to use something opaque to cover the lights, but it’s best to have the device checked for malfunctioning.

After prolonged use, the lights can remain orange even after unmuting the microphone. Even so, you should avoid tampering with the device, as this would void the warranty. Get in touch with the technical team to find a solution to the problem.

How to Troubleshoot Google Nest Audio

If the orange lights persist even after unmuting the microphone, it’s time to try some troubleshooting ideas to help restore the device back to normal. They include:

Try Switching the Device ON and OFF
Sometimes all a device needs is a simple reboot, and the problem will resolve. Try unplugging the device from the power source and let it sit idle for a few minutes before plugging it back. A glitch in the software might cause the problem, and a reboot will help solve it.

Perform Factory Reset

Factory reset is meant to wipe out every setting and restore the device to its default settings. This means you’ll lose any details, such as your WiFi password and Bluetooth connections.

Performing a factory reset is easy, as you only need to press and hold the play/pause button on the device for five seconds. This will start the factory reset process, and you should maintain holding the position for ten more seconds, and you’ll hear a sound confirming the device has reset.

Once the device completes the factory reset process, you’ll need to re-enter the WiFi password and other crucial settings.

Update the Device

Although Google Nest Audio has automatic updates as default settings, it’s encouraged to check for new updates manually, especially when you notice the device is acting out. You can use the Google Home App to check for new software updates. Sometimes the problem might occur after the update, and you need to get in touch with the technical team to have the issue looked at.

Check if the Microphone Switch is Loose

Since the persisting orange lights indicate the audio is muted, you can check whether the switch is loose, which might be causing the malfunctioning. Try pushing it as far as possible and holding it into place. If you notice a change in the lights’ color, it means there is something wrong with the switch. Maybe it got damaged when you moved the device around or when you dropped it by mistake.


Orange lights on Google Nest Audio indicate the microphone is muted, and it’s impossible to operate it with verbal commands. Blinking orange lights mean there is something wrong with the microphone. Unfortunately, you can’t turn off these lights. You can restart the device, reset it, update it, or check the condition of the microphone switch to troubleshoot the device if the orange lights keep persisting.

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