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What Do The Blue Lights Mean On Google Nest Audio?

Last Updated Feb 1, 2022
blue lights on black screen

Google Nest Audio is a smart speaker that utilizes talk commands by speaking with Google Assistant. This speaker has a sleek design and all of the configurations are set up through the Google Home app on your phone. The only part of the speaker that lights up is the series of dots on the front of the speaker. 

When the Google Nest Audio flashes 4 solid blue lights the speaker needs to be verified by you. These blue lights should only appear during the initial setup process of your Nest Audio. Use the Google Home app to verify the speaker with your Google account and continue with the setup. These lights may also appear again if you perform a factory reset of the speaker.

The Nest Audio communicated through a series of different dots in different colors. The blue lights are more of an uncommon light see illuminated on the front of your speaker. Below are some more answers to questions you may have about what the blue lights mean and how to navigate through them. 

What Do Blue Lights Mean?

The blue lights that appear on the Google Nest Audio help you understand what part of the setup process the device is in. When setting up the Google Nest Audio for the first time you will be introduced with a welcome chime when the device is plugged into power. This is the start of the setup process for the speaker. 

Why Are The Blue Lights Not Coming on?

The blue lights will only show up if you have to verify your device with the Google Home app. Proceed through the settings as normal, tapping on the option of your choice. If the Google Nest Audio needs your verification it will let you know with the blue dots and proceed to verify it through the Google Home app.

How to Authorize My Google Nest Audio

When you go through the initial setup steps when the Nest Audio boots up for the first time, it will require you to download the Google Home app on your phone to get started. The app will require you to either create or sign in with your Google account.

Once logged in to your Google account, continue the rest of the setup process for the Nest Audio. Your speaker must be connected to a Wi-Fi network to proceed with the verification. After connecting to your network, finish the setup process on the phone and the device will now be authorized to your Google account.

 If there are any issues with the verification process, four blue lights will appear on the Nest Audio. Direct your attention to the Google Home app to resolve the issue. 

Can I Use My Nest Audio Without Wi-Fi?

You can use your Nest Audio without a Wi-Fi connection. It is possible to pair the Nest Audio with Bluetooth from another device. 

Bluetooth is built into the Nest Audio and can be used if you don’t have or want to use Wi-Fi. Using Bluetooth will not allow you to use voice commands, as this feature is only available with an internet connection. Bluetooth can allow you to pair your phone with the speaker to play music from the app of your choice. Below is how to enable pairing mode on the Nest Audio.

Enable Bluetooth Pairing Mode

  • Open the Google Home App
  • Tap on the Nest Audio device 
  • Tap the Settings gear 
  • Tap on Audio
  • Tap Paired Bluetooth Devices
  • Tap Enable Pairing Mode

Now go to the device that you wish to connect with via Bluetooth, find the Bluetooth settings and the Nest Audio will appear there, ready to be connected. 

Can I Verify Nest Audio Without Wi-Fi?

Even though the Nest Audio does have Bluetooth capabilities with connecting to your device, you will still need a Wi-Fi connection for everything else the speaker offers. You have to have a Wi-Fi internet connection to verify the device. 

A Wi-Fi connection is required because the Google Home app needs to be signed in to your Google account for the device to be verified. An internet connection validates your account information and connects it to your Nest Audio. Once this is verified and connected, you will have access to all features the speaker offers. 


The blue lights on the front of your Google Nest Audio let you know that you have to verify your information in the Google Home app. Remember that if these blue lights don’t show up on your device, don’t worry, the verification process was a success and you can move forward through the setup process and start using your speaker. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection you can also pair your speaker with your phone by enabling it for pairing the Google Home app.

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