What Chime Is Compatible With Arlo Video Doorbell

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The Arlo video doorbell is a fantastic addition to any home security system. You can easily see who is at your door with high-quality video recordings day and night. What also separates the Arlo video doorbell from the competition is that it can work with several chimes, whether or not you already have one installed.

The Arlo video doorbell is compatible with most chimes, so you won’t have to completely reinstall the system. If you don’t have a compatible chime or don’t already have a doorbell chime installed, there are a couple of solutions available to you.

A unique aspect of the Arlo video doorbell is that you can keep the same chime box from an already installed doorbell. It even functions as a mechanical doorbell and can play a traditional “ding-dong” sound if you want. There are some problems that can occur if you use a chime box that isn’t compatible with an Arlo video doorbell.

Using Your Existing Chime

If you are using an Arlo video doorbell and are replacing a standard doorbell with it, you already have a chime installed in your home. The Arlo video doorbell is compatible with most existing doorbell chimes in many homes.

If you don’t know where your doorbell chime is, it is very easy to search for it. It should be on a wall, close to the doorbell. The compatibility requirements go as follows:

  • Wired Chimes: Almost all are compatible. It must have 16-24V AC power 
  • Battery and Wired Chimes: All battery and wired chimes are compatible.
  • Battery Chimes: Unfortunately, battery chimes are incompatible with the Arlo video doorbell. Don’t worry, there are options so you can still use it with a chime.

It’s important to note that if you use a chime with a higher than recommended voltage, it will affect the chime function. This happens because it will make the temperature on the chime too hot, so it won’t sound until it cools down.

Installing the Arlo Video Doorbell with an Existing Chime

Installing an Arlo video doorbell with an existing chime is very simple.

There are some things you will need besides just the Arlo video doorbell such as:

  • The Arlo app open on your phone.
  • A screwdriver to open the chime box.

Once you have all of the tools needed to install the Arlo video doorbell, follow these steps to successfully install it:

  1. Turn off the power to the area at the breaker.
  2. Find your existing chime box. It should be installed on a wall near your doorbell.
  3. Remove the cover to the chime box and attach the appropriate wires. Open the Arlo app to help with these instructions.
  4. Place the power kit into the chime box, and close the chime box.
  5. Turn the power back on to the area at the breaker.

Replacing an Incompatible Chime or Installing a New Chime

If you find that your chime is incompatible with the Arlo video doorbell or you don’t have a chime, there are a few different options to still be able to use your Arlo video doorbell such as purchasing an Arlo Chime or calling an electrician to do some work.

Arlo Chime

The Arlo chime is an additional product that you can use to replace an old chime or to add a chime into your home. One major benefit of using the Arlo chime is that you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues with the Arlo video doorbell.

Once you have an Arlo chime, you can install it in your home so you can hear when someone is at your door and not just get an alert on your phone. This is especially handy if you’re in the house but aren’t near any of your devices that you get alerted on.

There are currently two Arlo chimes available, the Arlo Chime and Arlo Chime 2. They are both wireless, but both are compatible with a wired and wireless Arlo video doorbell. These are also beneficial because if you have a multi-story home, you can put a chime anywhere in your house.

Installing and Connecting an Arlo Chime

Installing an Arlo Chime or Chime 2 is as easy as plugging it into an outlet in your home. You will need the Arlo Smart Hub for your home and the Arlo App open on your phone. The chime must be connected to the same Smart Hub as the video doorbell for it to work properly. Once you are in the Arlo App, follow these instructions:

  1. Go into “Settings” and “My Devices”. Select the Arlo video doorbell.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of this menu and select “ Add Chime.”
  3. Finally, the App will give you further instructions on connecting your Arlo Chime.

Calling an Electrician

If you have an incompatible existing chime already and don’t want to purchase an Arlo chime, you can always contact a trusted electrician in your area. What they will do is safely install a chime in your home and ensure that it is correctly wired to your Arlo video doorbell.

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