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What Channel is Paramount on DirecTV? Quick Guide

Last Updated Nov 6, 2022
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Paramount Network is home to lots of exclusive programming. If you’re a DirecTV subscriber, where can you find Paramount?

Paramount is on channel 241 on DirecTV. Accessing this channel gives viewers the opportunity to watch their favorite Paramount shows in full HD whenever they wish. Viewing Paramount on DirecTV can be a straightforward experience.

If you have DirecTV and are interested in where to quickly find Paramount, read on below to see what to do.

What Channel is Paramount on DirecTV?

DirecTV is a digital satellite service that was first founded in 1994. Based in California, DirecTV offers various packages that suit the needs of all types of viewers, making it easy to customize the experience. Paramount is included in all DirecTV packages.

Paramount is easy to find on DirecTV, playing on channel 241 in HD. If your TV doesn’t support HD, you will see the SD version of Paramount on the same channel whenever you wish.

With Paramount available on all DirecTV packages, from the standard Entertainment fare to the almost all-inclusive Premier, it shows that it is an essential part of the satellite experience.

How Do I Watch Paramount on DirecTV?

Watching Paramount on DirecTV is an easy process, but one that requires you to first have a DirecTV service. Let’s take a look at what to do when you want to have Paramount on DirecTV.

Book a DirecTV Package With Paramount

Before you can watch Paramount on DirecTV, you will first need to have DirecTV. To get this service, you should visit their website and proceed to sign up with them. Once there, you will have the option to pick the stream or satellite version.

While the streaming version is great in combination with the satellite, the latter has a far more extensive selection of channels. To get the most out of the service, you will most likely want to opt for the satellite channels, which include Paramount.

Bearing in mind that every package available on DirecTV features Paramount, you should select the one that is overall the right choice for you. Browse through the special offers and add-ons available to you and, choose how many TVs you’d like to connect, then proceed to check out.

Go to the Channel

Once you have access to DirecTV services and your package is active, you can go to Paramount whenever you wish to watch it. To access the channel, get your DirecTV remote and use the keys to press 241.

This will lead you to the Paramount channel, where you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. You can also save Paramount to your favorite channels, which gives you a different quick access option for it.

To do this, go to Home, then to Guide on DirecTV. Scroll through the channels until you reach Paramount, then select the heart symbol next to it to mark it as a favorite. Once that’s done, you can easily navigate to your favorite channels by going to the Guide, followed by Favorite Channels.

Is Paramount Plus Free on DirecTV?

Paramount Plus is a streaming-only service offered by Paramount. It is a subscription service, not a free one, and it is not available on DirecTV. To access Paramount Plus, you will either need to go on the website or the app or have a streaming stick.

Paramount Plus is a great way to enhance the viewing experience you enjoy on DirecTV by allowing you to take your favorite titles on the go at any time.

Can I Watch Yellowstone on DirecTV?

Yellowstone is currently one of the most popular titles offered by Paramount. This neo-Western drama attracts many types of viewers thanks to its stellar cast and fascinating writing.

When you have Paramount on DirecTV, you will be able to watch Yellowstone by going to channel 241 and enjoying it in HD. If you check the Guide on DirecTV, you will be able to see that there are plenty of Yellowstone reruns even when the show is on break.

If you are a fan of Yellowstone, there is a way to bookmark your favorite Paramount shows on DirecTV. This is a useful thing to do when you want to save specific shows and episodes to watch at a later time.

To do this with Yellowstone, go to the Discover tab on your DirecTV. Locate your favorite Paramount show. Right next to the title, you will see a bookmark pin. Select it to place a bookmark on your Paramount favorites, including Yellowstone.

To access your bookmarked Paramount shows on DirecTV, go to My Library from the Home page and then to Bookmarks. Your favorites will be saved here until you unpin them. Overall, DirecTV allows you to bookmark up to 100 favorites.


Paramount is available on DirecTV on channel 241. DirecTV includes Paramount in all its packages, so all you need to do to watch Paramount on it is book it. The most popular shows Paramount has are available to you on DirecTV.

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