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What Can You Do with Google Nest WiFi? – 5 Cool Things

Last Updated Apr 9, 2022
google nest

Google certainly has a stronghold on the market for smart home devices, and their products just keep getting better. One of their best products, Nest WiFi, is a fast and reliable tool to keep your entire house accessible and connected. 

With the Google Nest WiFi, you can get great internet speeds in every room of your house, and they are also equipped with a smart speaker with the Google Assistant features. This allows you to use all the best aspects of the Google Nest while covering your home’s WiFi system with a strong connection.

5 Things You Can Do With The Google Nest WiFi

There are so many features that come with the Google Nest WiFi. Everything is controlled through the app on your phone and you can activate Google Assistant to play music or get information with just the sound of your voice. 

Let’s get into the coolest things you can do with the device.

Manage Your WiFi Network

Obviously, the Google Nest WiFi is a router, so the main feature is that the device offers consistent and widespread coverage throughout your home. The Nest WiFi can cover up to 2200 square feet per router, and it’s easy to add an additional router and points to fit homes of any size.

The ‘points’ refer to the additional devices that help to strengthen your network connection. Each point works with the router to expand coverage and keep Wi‑Fi fast in every room.

Using the Google Assistant Feature

Google Assistant is Google’s voice-activated feature that allows you to control apps and smart devices in your home. It is Google’s version of Amazon’s Alexa. With Google Assistant, you can play music, ask questions, check the weather or the news, control other Google devices in your home, and so much more.

The fact that the Google Nest WiFi features Google Assistant capabilities gives it a huge leg up in comparison to other WiFi routers and systems.

Manage Parental Controls

With the Nest WiFi system, you can easily set and manage parental controls from your phone. This allows parents and guardians to control what kind of content certain family members can see by blocking explicit content, as well as setting time limits on certain devices. 

This is a really great feature for families, as the types of content kids are exposed to and privacy concerns are important aspects for families when introducing smart devices to their homes. 

Prioritize Internet Speeds on Certain Devices

Especially with the work-from-era continuing beyond the pandemic, it’s important for homes to be able to let certain devices have better internet access and speeds than others. The Google Nest WiFi allows users to pick which devices get faster speeds when they need it, and it can be manipulated at any time. 

So if you’re working from home with the kids, you can make sure their tablets and phones don’t take up more internet than your working devices do. 

Run Speed Tests From Your Personal Devices

The Google Nest WiFi system makes it easy to run speed tests at any time, so you know if there are any problems with your network. The app will tell you what your current connection strength is as well as point to which router is having issues. 

Again, with more and more people working from home, it’s important that all your smart home devices are working well and are connected to a strong WiFi network. The Nest provides this system and more. 

How the Google Nest WiFi System Works

Compared to other WiFi systems, the Google Nest WiFi is simple to set up and use daily. 

Setting up the Nest WiFi

When you purchase the routers and points, it’s easy to download the Google Home app, which leads you through a step-by-step guide for setting up Nest WiFi. 

The routers plug into your internet provider’s modem and, once set up, strengthen the internet connection throughout your home by connecting to the other points. 

Using the Nest WiFi System

From set-up, it’s easy to manage your devices, control your network and utilize the Google Assistant features. You check everything on the Google Home app and connect other Google devices to your home’s system as you need to. 


Just like most of Google’s products, the Nest WiFi has great reviews across the board. If you’re looking to upgrade your WiFi and smart-home systems, it’s a great option and easy to install. Not only does it sport a great internet connection, but it is also easy to use and comes with more features than most routers on the market.

For the price, the Google Nest WiFi and the optional bundles are amazing for smart-home enthusiasts. Routers start at just $139, and bundles that include the router and additional points start at $189. If you’re looking to buy points to upgrade your older Google Nest WiFi routers, the new versions are compatible with the older generations as well.