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What Can You Do With Echo Show 10?

Last Updated Dec 23, 2021
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The Echo Show 10 is a 10” motion touchscreen made by Amazon that includes Alexa hands-free technology. It can be a helpful assistant to have, but you may not be aware of everything this device can do for you.

The Echo Show 10 can help in the kitchen by providing recipes and instructions during cooking. It can also be used for video calls, double as a home security system, or work as an intercom. The Echo Show 10 has many features, and knowing how to use them will have it performing at its fullest.

If you are interested in purchasing an Echo Show 10, read on to find out everything it can help you with.

What Can You Do With Echo Show 10

The Amazon Echo Show 10 is a smart display currently in its third generation, which was released in February 2021. It is the biggest version of the Echo Show until it is replaced by the recently announced Echo Show 15. The Echo Show has been created to fully enable Alexa features via speaker and touchscreen display.

The main feature of the Echo Show 10 is that it tracks movement. The rotating screen will follow you to enable hands-free access while still allowing you to see the visual aid even as you move around the room. This makes the device’s features even more impactful.

Here are some of the things you can use the Echo Show 10 for that will give you a taste of its full functionality:

Use It As a Sous Chef

The Echo Show 10 is an excellent kitchen assistant. Alexa will make it easy to find and follow instructions without having to touch the screen while cooking. The rotating display will also move with you so that you can keep an eye on it as you tend to your preparations.

If you’re not sure what to cook, ask Alexa to find you a recipe with the ingredients you have available. The Echo Show 10 will then provide you with a list of options. Once you choose one, the device can be enabled to guide you through each step via voice control.

This will make the cooking process easier and more streamlined because you won’t have to stop at every stage to read and double-check what you need to do.

Use It to Drop In

The Echo Show 10 can be used with the Drop-In feature that connects your Alexa devices and gives you further access to them. You can link it with an Echo Dot speaker in a child’s room to check on them. You can also connect it to another Echo Show to use as a baby monitor.

If you’re worried about your home security, your Echo Show can easily be used as a way to connect with and view your security camera footage at any time. You can also use it with compatible video doorbells like Blink.

Use It for Accessibility

The Echo Show 10 can be a powerful tool for partially–sighted or visually impaired people. It includes Amazon’s Show and Tell feature, which is part of the Alexa Accessibility development program.

One way to use this feature is by holding up an item and asking Alexa to tell you what is in your hand. This can help you at the store with groceries and shopping, and it can generally make organizing easier.

Show and Tell with Alexa is particularly useful in helping people tell similar items apart, especially canned goods or jars that cannot be distinguished through touch alone. The Echo Show 10 can help empower you with control and increased mobility.

Use It As a Portable TV

The Echo Show 10 can give you access to your favorite TV shows and movies while you’re doing your household chores. Simply connect to your preferred streaming service and ask Alexa to play your chosen media.

The screen will rotate to follow you if you need to move around the room, which will allow you to keep an eye on the action at all times. You can use the Echo Show 10 to watch your favorite Prime, Netflix, and Hulu shows.

You can also get access to live TV channels if you subscribe to services like Hulu Live TV+.

Use It to Video Chat

The Echo Show 10 makes video chatting a breeze by allowing you to do it hands-free and from any location in the house. You can use it for work meetings or for catching up with family or friends.

It enables easy access to apps like Zoom or Skype and facilitates group get-togethers. With the rotating display, you will have some freedom of movement, and it will be easier to get your family in the shot if there are a few of you in the same room.


The Echo Show 10 has numerous features that make it easy and fun to use. The hands-free access through Alexa can make household chores easier and more entertaining. It can also help with accessibility and keeping an eye on things happening in other rooms.

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