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What Can You Do With A Kindle Fire HD 8?

Last Updated Jan 13, 2022
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Before purchasing any new tablet, one should ask what its capabilities are and what you can do with it? Most users need to be able to check emails, use a calendar, scroll through the internet, access social media, and do a few other everyday essential tasks.

Before purchasing a new Kindle, let’s review what can you do with a Kindle Fire HD 8. Amazon’s tablet allows you to surf the web, shop online, listen to music, access your email, access social media, e-read, view images, play games, watch movies, utilize a calendar, check the weather, and more.

The Kindle Fire HD 8 is a powerful tool to have at your disposal, running off Fire OS and utilizing Amazon’s universe. The Fire HD 8 allows you to do most common tasks as with any other tablet. However, there are a few things the Kindle Fire HD cannot do; this article will lay out all the details for you.

What Can You Do With A Kindle Fire HD 8

If you’re a user that needs a device to read books or magazines, watch movies, listen to music, edit articles or documents, play some games, plan your life, get social, or spend too much money online, then the Fire HD 8 will easily help you achieve that.

Like all Kindle devices, its main “shining stardom” is being an e-reader. If you are a book worm, enjoy falling asleep pages deep in a novel, or write your own stories, the Kindle Fire will go above and beyond.

Maybe you run an online business? Can you do that from a Kindle Fire? Well, that answer depends; if your business involves accessing an online store, writing, invoicing clients, a web portal, or zoom meetings, then yes, absolutely, it can be ran solely from a Kindle Fire HD 8.

Cool Features on Available on the Fire HD 8

Now that we have covered the essentials of the Kindle Fire HD 8 let’s check out the available cool, unique features.

Kindle Fire Newsstand

If you are the type of person that gravitates towards the magazine rack every time you are in the grocery store check out, then this feature speaks to you.

Newsstand has a plethora of popular magazines and newspapers available for your enjoyment. It does not force you to purchase a subscription; you can opt for the individual issue if you prefer.

Kindle Fire Docs

The Kindle is compatible with Microsoft Office apps for your document needs. However, Amazon does offer its document service called Fire docs. In Fire docs, you can create, edit, open, save, print, transfer, email, or pretty much achieve anything needed that you would on a regular computer. Kindle Fire docs is a nifty tool to have readily available in your pocket.

Kindle Fire docs allow you to access or save many file types such as PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Docs, Kindle, Excel, HTML, RTF, and Pictures.

Kindle Fire Music

The Kindle Fire HD 8’s music app is excellent for those who already use Alexa or keep the tablet always readily available. Fire music is loaded with more music than one could ever navigate through, meaning you will never run out of choices.

While cooking, cleaning, or stress-relieving, turn up the volume and unwind with Amazon’s Fire Music. Even better, you can save the music you love to Amazon’s cloud service, ensuring your favorites are always readily available when you desire them.

Kindle Fire Video

If you are a movie buff, then Kindle Fire Video is for your enjoyment. If you already have an Amazon Prime account, many of the videos will be available to watch at no extra charge. If you are not a Prime subscriber, that is okay; you can still buy or rent any of the videos or movies that pique your interest.

Fire video is not the only way to watch movies on your device; the tried-and-true Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, ESPN, and more are readily available for download.

What Can You Not Do With A Kindle Fire HD 8

For a moment, circle back to running an online business. If you run a company that is video editing, requires apps like photoshop, takes a ton of power, content creation, web development, or design and architecture, for example. The Fire HD 8 will probably not work out.

Another scenario is Apple or Google app fanatics. Since the Kindle Fire is in the Amazon universe, it is compatible with apps created and powered by Amazon. For example, f you are an avid Google calendar fan, it will only be accessible by the web page, not the app.


Do not sleep on adding the Kindle Fire HD 8 to your everyday essentials. From document editing to social media takeover, the Kindle can easily help you power your life and enjoy the leisure of mindless scrolling.

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