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What Battery Does the Ring Doorbell Use?

Last Updated Jul 26, 2019
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The Ring Video Doorbell has been a long-lasting champ of the video doorbell market. The battery just never seems to run out of power, right? Not exactly. Like every battery, its power eventually runs out, along with needing to charge it.

What battery does the Ring Doorbell use? Ring uses its own Amazon brand battery pack which can be hardwired to your existing doorbell or charged through a standard battery. The rechargeable battery option will last between six to twelve months without requiring another charge up in between.

The later model of Ring Doorbell 2 has the same hardwiring option as well as an even longer battery life.

The battery is said to last between the six to twelve months or to around a thousand notifications, whichever comes first. If you have a busy doorway, your Ring may need more loving. This guide will teach you about quality, battery options, and how to get the most out of your home security.

What Battery Does the Ring Doorbell Use?

A rechargeable battery comes with the original Ring and the later models.  You can also now purchase an extra battery for around $30 to rotate out between your other if it gets low.

The bonus here is that the extra battery is compatible with nearly every other Ring Product:

  • Ring Spot Light Cam
  • Ring Solar Cameras
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2
  • Door View Cam
  • Stick Up Cam Battery

If you try it on a battery and don’t like the hassle of keeping the battery charged, you can always switch to hardwired mode, as long as the wiring is available.

The battery will come in the packaging with instruction on use. There will also be many tools at your fingertips in this digital age to assist you with:

  • installation process on the actual house
  • connecting it you’re your app
  • storage link-up to the cloud
  • anything else you want to learn about

All of these tools are at your disposal and any question you have, someone has made a YouTube video about it as a how-to, guaranteed!

Once you know the best home security option for you, use these videos to give you a visual demonstration, so the installation process isn’t as stressful for you.

Installation should take around 5 minutes, and the battery on this product is low maintenance with the annual to bi-annual charging required. If you want to learn how to link it to your existing doorbell, no charging at all will be necessary.

Recharging Your Ring Doorbell’s Battery:

To change your battery, you’ll simply need to unscrew the security side to essentially take the face off your Ring Doorbell.

This will need to be done if:

  • The footage is cutting out
  • The Ring is not lit-up with its blue light of functionality
  • The device just appears to be dead

The recharge can be left overnight and then it’s out of the way for many months. Once you open the backside to expose the organs of the Ring, you’ll see the release tab to open the battery part.

The battery itself will be a small micro USB port that you will plug into the charger which came in the original packaging. Many people already have this standard Micro USB so you may have a spare around the house.

You’ll need a wall charger to connect that USB Port, and if you don’t have one that connects to your Micro USB, you can plug the doorbell into your laptop or desktop computer. There will always be a plug in computers as it’s the same shape as a flash-drive (also known as a thumb-drive).

Leave overnight and voila! Plug back into your Ring set up outside, and you’re good until a few seasons from now!

Reviews from Purchasers of Ring:

Some thoughts from those who know the product best and come straight from Amazon are:

  • “Such a cool product and love using the app! I simply draw a square around the area using the Ring app and your smartphone camera to set areas for the camera to keep an eye on. Very intelligent design.”
  • The Ring Doorview Camera has awful blindspots, is buggy with a seriously delayed response and the Ring Doorbell 2 has software issues that will make it default to “night vision” in a very well-lit area.
  • I have only one small complain not related to the function of the doorbell. It deals with the time it takes to charge the battery pack. I bought a second battery pack. Problem solved.

“I am defiantly a ring family member and will continue to get their products.”

The reviews swing both ways but undeniably improve by the second model, where Amazon seems to have heard their initial complaints.

Final Thoughts:

The battery is actually quite a bonus of this product despite a few lacking characteristics such as poor night quality vision and low duration recording time. There are thousands of five-star reviewers that love this product and the ease of battery-life.

You’ll know your Ring is fully charged when the light goes from orange to green. If you don’t like the hassle of charging even once a year, opt for the Hard-Wiring to keep it permanently plugged in like a bed-side lamp. This security may offer you peace of mind to not have to keep an eye on it or risk forgetting it for too long.

Amazon is also developing solar-powered Ring products so your doorbell can be charging itself in the heat of the day while you’re hard at work. Amazon listens to its consumers and wants what they want. Speak your mind as it will be heard.

The Ring Doorbell is a company which was acquired by Amazon for between $1.2 – 1.8 billion dollars in 2018. It is an incredibly high rated product with many great features that attract Amazon’s consumers to it. If you’re considering purchasing a Ring Doorbell or upping your home security, then be sure to grab the extra battery backup!

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