What Are The Universal Remote Codes For A Sony TV?


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There are numerous options available when a universal remote replacement is needed. Perhaps the old remote was lost, or there is a new piece of equipment, and the tolerance for having separate remotes for all devices is simply not there anymore. Whatever the reason, a universal remote must be programmed for the specific television under control.

Below is a list of codes for universal remotes that work with Sony televisions. Finding the correct code for your specific device requires following a four-step process, as the code is dependent on your sub-model and year of manufacture. Read on to find the correct code or even set up the television without needing the code at all.

Sony TV Codes for Universal Remotes

Each remote manufacturer has its own specific code for Sony televisions, so there is not a universal set of codes for universal remotes, although there should be! Listed below are the codes you will need to start programming your remote.

Direct TV11100, 10000, 10011, 10080, 10111, 10273, 10353, 10505, 10810, 10834, 11317, 11685, 11904, 11925, 10010, and 10000
RCA1001, 1036, 1093, 1135, and 1177
GE111, 011, 273, 000, 080

As you can see, there are multiple codes for each remote that can work. There is a process that must be followed not only to enter the codes but to cycle through them and find the correct code that will guarantee all of the functionality of the remote works properly. Keep reading, and you’ll find the process for finding your ideal code.

Sometimes getting a new universal remote could be a fix to why your Sony TV isn’t working, or you can’t change channels.

Entering the Correct Code for Your Sony TV for a DirectTV Remote

There are several steps to entering the correct code for your Sony TV with a DirectTV remote.

  1. Turn on your Sony TV utilizing the current remote or the power button located on the TV.
  2. While holding the remote toward the TV, press the “Mute and Select” button on your universal remote and continue holding until the LED light flashes twice.
  3. Enter the first code listed for your device in the paragraph above.
  4. Press the “TV” button on the remote to switch to “TV” mode
  5. Press the on/off button. If the TV turns off, your code is locked into the remote.

If the TV does not turn off at that point, cross the code off the list above and repeat the steps above, utilizing the next code on the list until it responds accordingly.

Entering the Correct Code for Your Sony TV for an RCA Remote

The processes for entering codes on an RCA remote are slightly different than those for a DirectTV remote, but the high-level process is the same.

  1. Turn the TV on utilizing the button on the TV of the existing remote
  2. Find and hold the “code search” button on the remote
  3. While holding the “code search” button, press and release the device button that is being paired. Since we are pairing our TV, we will press the “TV” button for this instruction. The button should be lit.
  4. Enter the first code listed in the above list. Once it is entered, the light on the “TV” button will turn off.
  5. Test any button on the remote to ensure it is working. If one button works, try different buttons to ensure correct functioning. It is common for one button to work correctly with the wrong code but not the remainder.

Entering the Correct Code for Your Sony TV for a GE Remote

The final remote manufacturer that will be discussed in this article is a GE remote. Again, the process is very similar, but some of the buttons pressed are different.

  1. Enter setup mode by pressing and holding the “setup” button until the red light at the top turns on. Once it turns on, release the button. The light should remain on.
  2. Select the device you want to program again. In this case, it will be the “TV” button. Press and release the button, and the red light will flash off and then come back on.
  3. Choose the code listed above and enter it. Once the code is entered, the red light should turn off.
  4. Test the remote by pressing different buttons and ensuring all of the functions are operating properly. If they are, the process is complete. If there is an issue with any buttons, start the process again with the next code.

Programming Without Knowing The Codes

The codes listed in this article are comprehensive, and if all of them are tried without results, the process should be repeated. The cause is most likely due to an error in the input process instead of an incorrect code.

There are circumstances such as a lack of patience, which may cause the user to want to program the remote without inputting codes. All universal remote manufacturers have a process for programming the universal remote without a code.

The algorithm attached to the remote goes through the process described above automatically. It does not go faster than the manual process, but you don’t have to consistently enter codes. The downside is that if it finds a code that works for one button, it will stop the process. This results in utilizing the wrong code and starting the whole process over again.

For this exact reason, it is not recommended to complete the process automatically. However, if desired, each remote’s process is different and requires following the instruction manual to complete.

Where To Go Next

Programming your remote is simple and easy. If there are issues in programming, follow the instructions above again, and you should not have to program it again unless you purchase a new remote. Enjoy the convenience of only keeping track of one remote for multiple devices.

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