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What are the Pros and Cons of Xfinity Mobile?

Last Updated Aug 21, 2022
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“To Xfinity and Beyond!”, or not? To decide, we will be reviewing the newly introduced Xfinity Mobile plans available in the market. MVNOs are becoming quite the rage in the cellular industry and Xfinity Mobile being one, it is worth taking a look at what Xfinity Mobile has to offer. This article will focus on the pros and cons of Xfinity Mobile: is it free? A good idea? And does it share the same towers as Verizon?

Well, it will be quite fair to say that Xfinity Mobile adds to the variety available in the cellular market. However, whether is it the right fit for you, depends on several key factors. Some of them are highlighted below, as possible pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Xfinity Mobile

Because it aims to target a wide consumer market, Xfinity mobile plans have their distinct conditions. Here is a list of some popular and unpopular features:

Flexible data plansVerizon Only Network
A large number of mobile hotspotsNo HD Streaming
No contractsNo additional perks like Disney+
Supports Voice over LTE (VoLTE)Limited choice of compatible devices and handsets

Now, we can dive deeper.

Pros of Xfinity Mobile


Like many newly introduced alternative cellular plans, Xfinity mobile offers a much more pocket-friendly plan than its coverage partner – Verizon. With the current inflation levels rising uncontrollably consumers can find this very lucrative in deciding to make the switch.  But affordability is not the only commendable feature of Xfinity Mobile. Here are some more:

  • Flexible Data Plans: While most other cellular companies offer data plans for a fixed monthly rate, whether you use it or not, Xfinity provides its consumers the choice to buy as much data as needed. $15 for 1GB of data and if you need more, you can just buy another GB for an additional $15, and so on. Or you can decide to switch to the unlimited data option anytime. 
  • A Large number of Mobile Hotspots: Xfinity offers millions of hotspots, at no additional costs, all around the country in addition to its 5G and 4GLTE options. This can be quite handy, especially for people who are always on the go. Consumers can also locate the nearest hotspot through the company’s online coverage/hotspot locator. 
  • No Contracts: This means that if a consumer decides to switch to another plan or wants to cancel a plan altogether, they can – without the fear of any termination fees. 
  • Supports Voice over LTE (VoLTE): While this feature might not be the main attraction, it can be a determining factor for many consumers who prefer voiceover commands, when they are on the go. With this feature, consumers can continue using data while utilizing the voiceover feature simultaneously. 

Xfinity offers a very cost-friendly package for its consumers. Therefore, it is no wonder that the sales graphs are going up every year for Xfinity. Also, with Verizon’s strong distribution network to rely on, customers will be guaranteed a good service most of the time.

Cons of Xfinity Mobile

Like all the other available products, Xfinity Mobile does have its drawbacks. Consumers have complained of limited options and patchy coverage. Here are some other factors that can swerve the consumer in another direction:

  • Verizon Only Network: Because Xfinity Mobile is a ‘mobile virtual network operator’ – or an MVNO – it has to rely on Verizon’s signal towers for its service. This means, that if a Verizon tower has service issues, it will most likely affect the Xfinity Mobile consumer as well.
  • No Additional Perks: While it is true that Xfinity shares the service towers with Verizon, however, the privileges do not extend beyond that. Xfinity customers are not offered any additional perks like free Disney+ streaming. 
  • No HD Quality: Xfinity does provide an internet service along with its Mobile plan, and many users decide to keep the internet (canceling the internet service would automatically add a fee to the consumer’s mobile plan). However, it is noticeable and disappointing to know that HD streaming is not available even with internet services.
  • Limited Choice of BYOD and Handsets: Even though the company advertises a special feature of BYOD (bring your own device), consumers can be left facing frustration when they realize that BYOD offers limited device choices. Also, only a limited number of handsets are compatible with these devices. You can check here if your device makes the compatibility cut before buying any of the Xfinity plans.

One of the most popular devices, that are compatible with Xfinity Mobile is the iPhone 13. It is very popular with Xfinity users. If you are thinking of going ahead with Xfinity plans, and want to know more about compatible devices, you can watch this video.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Xfinity Mobile plans are affordable and offer good coverage through hotspots. Their most attractive characteristic is the flexibility in their data plans. However, if you are looking to share your data with your family members, this plan might not be the best for you. Because the data is not transferable and each line requires its data plan.

 Also, to take advantage of the best experience this company has to offer, it is recommended to sign-up with its internet services as well.

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