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What Are the Best Places to Mount Ring Spotlight Cameras?

Last Updated Aug 10, 2021
ring spotlight cam installed outside with solar panel connected to it.

Ring Spotlight Cameras took the best of the Ring Floodlight and tightened the package by placing the spotlights in the device itself. This is great for mounting, as the Ring Spotlight Camera isn’t nearly as large and unwieldy. But where should you place the Ring Spotlight Camera?

The best places to mount the Ring Spotlight Camera are:

  • In the darkest areas that need coverage
  • Recessed corners hidden away from other camera zones
  • On the ceiling where other cameras or lights cannot be mounted

The Ring Spotlight Camera was designed for the hard-to-reach, darker areas around your property. At 300 to 375 lumens, the spotlight is more than enough to fill the area with light. Read on to learn more about the Ring Spotlight Cam’s features and ideal places to mount the device around your property.

Where Are the Best Places to Mount a Ring Spotlight Camera?

There are several optimal areas to mount a Ring Spotlight, especially to take advantage of its main feature, which is, of course, the spotlight:

  • Darker Areas: The spotlight isn’t just good for illuminating intruders but also for scaring them away. Sudden, bright light often has that effect.
  • Recessed Corners: If your home has a recessed section, it often obscures the view of your other cameras and is a great spot to mount the Spotlight Cam.
  • Ceilings, Eaves, and Gutters: Anywhere high is good. This is true even for the other areas listed above as well.
  • Close to Your Vehicles: The Ring Spotlight is a better choice for this task than your standard security cameras. Its Spotlight is likely far more persuasive as a deterrent.

The Ring Spotlight Camera is versatile enough to place anywhere, but the best places are often the most overlooked. After all, the spotlight is its signature feature, and it would be a shame to overlook it.

How High Should I Mount My Ring Spotlight Cam?

Ring Spotlight Cameras were designed to achieve the best visual range and coverage at 9 feet. For most, that means mounting it on the ceiling. Fortunately, it comes with a ceiling mount.

The ceiling mount comes with anchors for the screws to hold the mount in sheetrock. If you want to mount it into the studs, the screws will do the trick without the anchors. Simply screw the base plate into the ceiling. The Ring Spotlight Camera snaps cleanly into the baseplate.

From this position, you’ll have an optimal view of surroundings with a 140-degree field of view on a 90-degree swivel.

Wired Ring Spotlight Cam vs. Battery: Mounting Options

Both the wired and battery versions of the Ring Spotlight Cam can be mounted in the same types of areas, though where exactly you mount the devices may differ based on their available features.

For example, the wired Ring Spotlight Cam is 75 lumens brighter than the Ring Spotlight Battery, so you may want to place the wired model in some of the darkest areas on your property that need coverage. Although the battery-powered Ring Spotlight can be used for the same purpose, know that the light will not be nearly as bright as the wired version.

However, despite its dimmer light, the battery-powered Ring Spotlight Cam gives you a little more leeway with placement since it isn’t constrained by a power cord. Its batteries also last from six to 12 months, and it’s compatible with the Ring Solar Panel, which will relieve you of the task of taking down the camera and replacing the batteries.

That said, you have a little more flexibility as to where you can place the device rather than being restricted to sticking near an outlet.

In Conclusion

The Ring Spotlight Camera is best mounted in low-light areas, recessed zones along the house, overlooking your cars, and always in an elevated position.

The choice between the battery and wired versions (for the best mounting device) mostly boils down to personal preference—one doesn’t have a significant advantage over the other. However, a Wi-Fi range extender does give the Spotlight Cam Battery a lot more range and can allow you to be more creative with how and where you want to mount it.

Either way, the Ring Spotlight Camera is a great device with plenty of versatility in its mounting options, a battery, and wired choice, and enough great features to be a dependable, smart security camera.