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What Are Amazon Smart Thermostat Hunches?

Last Updated May 7, 2022

The Amazon Smart Thermostat is a new technology recently released on the market. It is the most affordable smart thermostat available and is compatible with the Amazon voice assistant. When people buy this product, they often see reference to it having hunches. This makes consumers wonder, what are Amazon Smart Thermostat hunches?

Amazon Smart Thermostat Hunches use artificial intelligence to make temperature-related decisions and changes based on data from your smart home. It is important to have multiple Echo devices within your home for better results. 

Due to its new technology that incorporates hunches, the Amazon Smart Thermostat is relatively intuitive. Read on to learn more about how hunches work, what they control, and how you can adjust them to really understand how this impacts a consumer.

A Sixth Sense

According to Amazon, Hunches also use “a few other smart home devices such as light switches, locks, and sensors” to determine if you and your family members are at home, as well as your own smartphone’s location (each family member must have the Alexa app installed, and the thermostat location settings must be enabled).

Hunches are electronic signals that each specialized electronic device gives off when the Amazon Alexa app walks near them. It is used to talk to the device to monitor user activity and make assumptions so that the smart devices can make a ‘hunch’ and adjust their settings accordingly.

In this case, the devices will communicate as soon as a household member walks near another smart home device with an app downloaded to their phone or tablet. Depending on the temperature it has set, the thermostat will know that someone is home and will switch on the heat or the air conditioning.

Set Up Hunches

Amazon does not automatically set the smart thermostat to the automatic fan when it arrives out of the box. The thermostat is usually set to manual operation when it arrives out of the box. While some people prefer manual operation, others prefer automation and ease of use. How to turn on the automatic fan setting on the Amazon Smart Thermostat by following these steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app.
  2. Go to “More” and click “Settings.”
  3. Tap “Hunches”
  4. Set up the automatic actions.

The Amazon Smart Thermostat should now be enabled with hunches. It is quite easy to enable the hunches option, and it works really well to keep your heat and air conditioning under control naturally. As a result, you will have more time to focus on other important tasks at home and worry less about your HVAC system.

If you find that your system or hunches aren’t responding, there are some quick fixes you can try.

Permissions For Hunches

Using Amazon’s hunch technology, you can change your privacy settings and set your permissions. You can turn this feature on and off using a toggle. As you can imagine, not everyone enjoys the idea that their home tracks their whereabouts to adjust the temperature. To access the permissions, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Alexa application.
  2. Select “More”
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Scroll down to “Hunches” and select it
  5. Click “Settings”
  6. You may enable or disable hunch notifications under “Suggestions.”

In case you decide to turn hunches off, you can always go back and turn them on again by following these instructions. This allows the user to have more access and control over their home to make an informed decision about whether or not this is the right option for them.

Using Voice Commands

The hunches used with the Amazon Smart Thermostat can be changed to react to certain voice commands. This is a great piece of technology because it can phase right into typical routines that are set up with the Amazon voice assistant. Here are some examples of voice commands that can prompt a hunch to react:

  • Alexa, goodnight
  • Alexa, disable hunches
  • Alexa, turn up the heat
  • Alexa, change the temp to (insert degree option here)
  • Alexa, I’m leaving

Alexa and the Amazon Smart Thermostat can respond to all of these commands by changing their settings based on their hunches. If the thermostat is notified that you told Alexa that you were leaving, it may turn the heat down to save energy.

When you make automatic actions for Alexa, you can proactively act on hunches. Alexa can, for instance, adjust your smart home devices automatically if you are asleep or away. Remember that this can only occur if you set these unches up in advance. Alexa will not automatically assume these things without set routines.

Get a Hunch

The Amazon Smart Thermostats are amazing pieces of technology. Compared with their affordability, the smart capabilities of these thermostats are amazing. Not to mention the fact that they are very easy to use and come with a great community forum. As a result, any questions that a user may encounter can be handled quickly.