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What Age is the Echo Glow For?

Last Updated Aug 9, 2022

With the world of smart technology making life easier in every aspect, having a smart light is just one more thing that makes things easier. However, with every smart device comes concerns as for which age group it’s appropriate for when buying. So with the Echo Glow smart lamp, what age is it for when using it?

The Echo Glow is meant to be used by kids ages three years and up. Their packaging lets parents know what ages it’s meant for and how kids can benefit from the use of an Echo Glow. However, it’s also great for people of all ages to use as well.

Now that we know what age the Echo Glow is for, let’s look at some functions this smart lamp has included.

What Can the Echo Glow Do As a Smart Lamp?

Before buying a smart device, people always want to know what the device can do before taking the step to buy it. With the Echo Glow, it’s no different for potential buyers. So what can this Echo Glow smart lamp do for people looking into buying the device?

As a whole, the Echo Glow proves a wide range of colorful lighting options along with a timing system for when to turn the device on and off. The brightness of the light can also be adjusted for bedtime and morning routines or as a type of alarm.

With the abilities of the Echo Glow covered, let’s look to see if the Echo Glow needs anything else to make it function as intended.

Do I Need Anything Else to Make My Echo Glow Work Properly?

It’s something that people often have happen to them, they buy a product only to find out later that they need something else to make it work properly. Most people can tell you about at least one experience where something like this happens to them. So before getting the Echo Glow, do you need anything else with it to make it work properly?

You’ll need at least one compatible Alexa device to make this smart lamp work how it should work. This would include the Alexa app, Alexa enabled smart thermostat, or any Echo Dot.

With the device requirements on what people need to make the Echo Glow work properly covered, we can look into what device people should use after buying the Echo Glow.

What Compatible Alexa Device Should I Use With My Echo Glow?

With the different choices that people have in using compatible Alexa devices for the Echo Glow, it’s about making the right choice for the right people. Everyone has a different use for the Echo Glow, meaning that having the right compatible Alexa device for the situation is key. So what compatible Alexa device should be used for the situation you might have?

Having an Echo Dot to control the Echo Glow works best when used by children three and up and people without a smartphone. For adults or teenagers with a smartphone, using the Alexa app from the phone works great for the Echo Glow. 

Alexa enabled thermostats are great to use on the Echo Glow when both are in the same room. Now that we have what devices people should use for their situations, let’s look into some Echo Dot devices as companions for the Echo Glow.

What Echo Devices are Best to Pair with My Echo Glow?

For those with children, or those who don’t have a smartphone, having an Echo device is the best way to get the most out of the Echo Glow. However, some people might want their Echo device for more than just getting the most out of the Echo Glow. 

So let’s look at the Echo devices and their features:

InformationEcho Dot 3rd GenEcho Dot 4th Gen With ClockEcho 4th Gen
Zigbee Smart Home Hub Built InNoNoYes
LED ClockNoYesNo
Speakers1.6 inch speaker1.6 inch front speaker3 inch woofer and two .8 inch tweeters

So whether you want the cheapest Echo device, or one that you can use as a clock, each one has its own unique features when wanting to pair it with the Echo Glow. Read on for a conclusion of everything from this article.


The Echo Glow gives kids, teenagers, and adults a wide range of options when using the device. The Echo series of devices needed for those without a smartphone give additional options for those looking for more from their Echo.

For those looking for the cheap route, the 3rd generation Echo Dot works great. Those wanting an alarm clock would be best served with the Echo Dot 4th generation w/clock to cover those needs.