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Vizio TV Not Turning On? Quick Fix!

Last Updated Oct 20, 2022
A smart TV in a relaxing room that is not on.

The Vizio TV is a high-quality budget brand that provides users with exceptional image quality and sharpness. If your  Vizio TV is not turning on, you may stop and wonder how to fix it.

Vizio TVs can often be fixed by performing at-home troubleshooting. Checking hardware components, power sources, and firmware are all great ways to help fix a Vizio TV.

If you cannot quickly troubleshoot the Vizio TV on your own, don’t panic. This guide will provide you with quick fixes you can try to get your Vizio TV running again.

Vizio TV Not Turning On, Now What?

If you went to turn on your Vizio TV and were met with a black screen, you are likely looking at this article now. This is because your Vizio TV won’t turn on, and you’re missing out.

Troubleshooting a Vizio TV at home is a relatively easy process. More often than not, the TV is malfunctioning for one of the following reasons:

  • The unit is in standby mode
  • The remote has malfunctioned
  • The wall outlet has lost power
  • The power cord is broken, or bent
  • The TV froze and needed a restart

Each problem has an easy fix that you can perform in the comfort of your home. If you have a bit of patience and determination, try the following tips to fix each possible root cause.

Standby Light is On

All Vizio TVs can be set to standby mode. Standby mode allows the TV to appear as if it is off and go into a low power consumption mode.

When a Vizio TV is in standby mode, it supplies a red light on the front of the TV near the menu buttons. This red indicator light means the TV is in standby mode.

When the Vizio TV indicator light turns blue, it wakes up out of standby mode and goes back to normal. To exit standby mode on a Vizio TV, do the following:

  1. Press the menu button on the universal remote
  2. Wait for the TV to wake up
  3. Go to the settings option
  4. Find an automatic on or off or timer depending on the model of your TV
  5. Disable it

Now, your TV will not go into standby mode on its own accord. You will need to toggle this function if you prefer this energy savings option or change your mind later.

Check the Remote

Sometimes, we are quick to blame our TVs for malfunctioning when the fault lies in the remote. 

A faulty remote or a remote with dead batteries will not send an infrared signal to the TV to tell it to turn on.

Without this signal, the user will be pressing buttons without a reaction and may assume the TV is broken and not powering up.

To remedy this, try changing the batteries to the remote. Most remotes use AA or AAA batteries to function. The battery compartment is typically found on the back of the remote.

If this does not solve the problem, it may be time to invest in a new remote. Some of our favorites are listed in the table below.

Remote NameCost
XRT136$12 – $15
Vizio Universal Remote$12 – $15
XRT112$5 – $10
XRT122$5 – $10

Each of these universal remotes are compatible with Vizio TVs. They are highly rated and easy to pair.

Faulty Power Source

The power outlet in the wall can also be a source of issues for any electronic device or TV. If power is not being produced, the TV will not turn on.

One way someone can check the power outlet is by purchasing a voltage sensor. A voltage sensor will safely tell the homeowner if being sent to an outlet.

These voltage sensors prevent electric shock and harm. Power outlets can be dangerous to work with. If you are not comfortable checking one, call an electrician.

Before doing so, double-check your circuit breaker. Sometimes a breaker will trip and turn off the power to a particular part of a home. 

If the breaker is fine, then calling the electrician is likely the best way to diagnose the outlet problem.

Bad Power Cord

Cords get old and coiled over time. When this happens, the rubber and wiring will break down and deteriorate. A bad wire will stop sending power to the TV and prevent it from turning on.

Many different power cords can be purchased to solve this problem. Many power cords for TVs are universal. They are either a typical monitor AC Adapter or a DEM series cord.

The following are the best options for AC adapters and DEM cords.

Cord BrandAC Adapter or DEM Adapter
Amazon BasicsAC Adapter
Polarized-Power-CordDEM Adapter
2 Prong AC Power CordDEM Adapter
3 Prong Power CordAC Adapter
Vizio TV Power CordAC Adapter

Each of these cords comes with either 3 or 2 prongs. Ensure to look at the cord you have at home before ordering a new one. This will ensure you get the right replacement type.

Reset Your Vizio

Technology can be temperamental. When it is, we often need to take a moment and reset the device to get it functioning properly again.

To reset a Vizio TV, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the power cord for the TV from the wall outlet
  2. Find the power button on the back of the Vizio TV
  3. Hold down the power button on the TV for 15 seconds
  4. Plug the TV back into the wall outlet

This should successfully reset the TV. This method works best when a Vizio TV has frozen, has a black screen, or is not turning on.

Customer Support Line

If you’ve gone through all the steps before calling Vizio customer support or hiring a tech, check out our universal tech troubleshooting tips.

A Vizio TV can still stay blank even with a large amount of at-home troubleshooting. When this is the case, calling the Vizio TV customer support line can be beneficial.

Vizio has representatives to help you troubleshoot your TV problems every day. Sometimes, they even have unique fixes for specific brands of TV.

Give them a call at 1(844) 254-8087.  They can walk you through new steps to try to get your TV functioning once more.

Hire A Tech

If you are truly attached to the Vizio you have at home and cannot muster the strength to part with it, you can always call a TV maintenance tech. 

These techs can take a TV apart and look at the inner elements to determine if a hardware malfunction occurred.

If they find hardware issues, they can often replace the broken piece and get the TV up and running again. 

Fees and availability vary for this type of service depending on your location.

When in Doubt, Throw it Out

If all else fails, it may be time to throw out your Vizio TV and replace it with a newer model. TVs and technology, in general, are only useful for five years before it needs to be replaced.

Although this can be expensive, it is par for the course with electronics. So please give yourself a treat and buy a new TV; you deserve it.

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