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Vizio TV HDMI Port Not Working (5 Fixes to Try)

Last Updated Mar 26, 2022

Vizio prides itself as the maker of some of the best and most affordable substitutes for smart TVs worldwide, making the brand widely popular among users as it provides good value and quality. However, it is bound to malfunction just like every other technology. One of such malfunctions is a non-responsive HDMI port. Which begs the question how to fix it.

The information in this article should be able to help you correctly diagnose the cause of your Vizio TV’s malfunctioning HDMI port and how it can be fixed whenever needed. Keep reading to find five easy fixes.

Why Your Vizio TV’s HDMI Port Isn’t Working

Before you are able to fix an issue, you need to know the cause for it. The same can be said for your Vizio TV’s HDMI port.

Some reasons why your Vizio TV’s HDMI port may not be working include:

  • The TV needs to be reset
  • The HDMI port is faulty and needs replaced
  • Your TV isn’t on the correct input

Now that you know some reasons why your HDMI is acting up, let’s take a look at some ways to fix it.

 5 Fixes for a Vizio HDMI Port Not Working

There are many reasons why your Vizio TV’s HDMI port may be malfunctioning, but instead of dwelling on these causes, let us take a close look at these five troubleshooting solutions that have been proven effective.

Perform a Hard Reset

This may sound untrue, but your HDMI port’s inability to work may not always be due to a faulty port or cable. In fact, in most cases, both the HDMI port and the cable could be in perfect condition, while the cause of the issue can be attributed to your Vizio TV. Your TV may require a hard reset to start working normally again.

Performing a hard reset will help to automatically fix such issues and restore your TV’s default settings. This procedure will require a complete shutdown of the TV and unplugging all the cords and cables for about one minute. 

Afterward, you can reconnect them properly and restart your Vizio TV. It may seem very simple and insignificant, but this procedure could be the solution. However, if not, there are four more you can attempt.

Check the HDMI cables 

If you already performed a hard reset, you probably have already confirmed that the HDMI cables are in proper working conditions. However, if it does not work, you may want to pay closer attention to the wires. 

This time, confirm the condition of the cables by plugging them on other appliances. Clean them thoroughly and make sure there are no specks of dust and dirt in the port. 

This routine check may reveal a faulty cord, and all you will need to do is change it to another one. Otherwise, try this next fix.

Change Your Vizio TV’s Input Option

Maybe your input option is not set correctly, or your HDMI cord is lodged in the wrong port. This usually happens when you also use your TV to connect video game consoles or other appliances that may require a different input option.

You can check the input settings on your TV by navigating the Settings option and ensure that it is set at the correct one. 

To be thorough, check the ports behind your TV to confirm that it is the designated one. If you are skeptical about which of the ports could be the correct one, swap the cord between both and see which one works.

Perform a Factory Reset

Many users dread this fix because they will lose all downloaded apps and settings on the TV by the time it is completed, but when all else fails, towing this part becomes a viable option.

Now, let us cut to the chase and find out how this factory reset can be done:

  1. Press the Menu button on your Vizio TV remote
  2. Go to System and click reset
  3. Correctly input your unique passcode or type in the default 0000
  4. Click on Reset and Ok
  5. Your TV will shut down and restart
  6. Check if the problem is resolved after booting

This procedure helps eliminate the possibilities of bugs or software viruses that may affect the TV and its HDMI port. Be informed that all your login credentials and other information concerning your TV may be required when you start setting up again after the reset, so you must have them saved somewhere for easy reference.

Contact Customer Support

As an added tip, contact the Vizio customer support unit if these fixes fail to work hence prolonging the issues. The problem may likely be a hardware issue like a faulty motherboard or a broken port.

Whatever the case may be, at this point, it is up to the professionals to wade in and resolve it. Contact customer support to repair or replace your TV, especially if it’s still under warranty.


What’s the bottom line? When your Vizio TV HDMI port stops working, there is no reason to worry. With these five fixes, the solution is right at your fingertips. If the issues persist, do not hesitate to contact the customer support team. If you do not know how to reach them, check for their contact information on your TV guide. 

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