Vizio Soundbar Keeps Blinking and No Sound? 5 Fixes to Try!

connecting tv to sound audio system soundbarconnecting tv to sound audio system soundbar

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What might come as a surprise to some people, Vizio makes much more than great flat-screen televisions. They also make a very high-quality array of soundbars to enhance your viewing experience. Once connected properly, they provide fantastic sound for the price. From time to time, however, people do have connection issues.

Blinking issues stem from the system trying to cycle through each of the inputs to find the proper one. Most of the time, connection problems are from one of five reasons and have very simple fixes to make right again. The following are the most common.

Continue below to find out the fixes to get you up and running once again!

Is the Power to the Vizio Soundbar Properly Connected?

Sometimes it is the simplest fix possible to get your Vizio soundbar connected again. A properly connected soundbar should have one white light on once it is connected. It will be on the left-hand side of the device.

If you are not seeing any lights at all, ensure the power cord is connected to the bar and the power supply at the wall. Then check the outlet itself to make sure it has power itself. You can also try unplugging the soundbar at this point and allow it to sit for at least five seconds before plugging it back in.

This tried, and true method is useful on many electronic devices as a sort of soft reset and can sometimes make everything work again.

Is the Vizio Soundbar Connected to the Audio Out On the TV?

Another possible cause of the blinking light is what output (or input) the cable is plugged into.

Modern televisions have a vast array of inputs and outputs on the back of the TV, and if you are not careful, it would be very easy to plug into the wrong one. Obviously, the proper outlet will be labeled ‘audio out’ and is the one and only way the bar will work.

Is the Soundbar Set to the Correct Input?

You never know who might be messing with the input buttons when you’re away from the TV! The mysterious case of the wrong input is often the solution here. Sometimes, the Vizio soundbar is simply set on the wrong input, which makes it search for signals that simply are not there.

To check if your soundbar is set to the proper input:

  1. Ensure the TV is turned on with sound playing.
  2. Press and hold the input button on your soundbar until its blinks. This forces the tv to cycle through all of the inputs available to find the correct one.
  3. It should find the input your TV is plugged into, assuming the second step in the article was followed.

One note to make, the flashing light from you pressing and holding the input button is different from the flashing when the bar is not working. Unless you trigger the search mode to start, the flashing is a sign of an error.

Have You Tried a Factory Reset on the Soundbar?

If these first three options did not fix the issue, the next step would be to try a factory reset. Vizio has a large number of soundbars available, so you will have to do some searching to find instructions on your specific model.

In general, you simply have to press and hold both the ‘Bluetooth’ and ‘Volume Down’ buttons together for 5 seconds. This will trigger your soundbar to go all the way back to factory settings, where you have to treat the device as new again and reconnect everything.

What If None of These Solutions Work?

If you have tried every single one of these fixes and nothing worked, repeat the initial steps again.

  1. First, reconnect your soundbar to another device.
  2. Now, restart the search mode that was previously referenced to get the soundbar to detect the new input and listen for any type of sound.

The point of this step is simply to find where the trouble is. If there is no sound at this point, there is an issue with the soundbar itself. If there is sound, the issue lies with the first device it was connected to.

Final Thoughts

Once again, Vizio makes not only wonderful televisions but also very high-quality soundbars for the price. They provide excellent sound and features that cannot typically be found at their price points. But like any electronic device, they are not without their issues. Hopefully, the fixes to the most common problem on these soundbars will get your soundbar up and running properly.

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