Using Schlage Encode on a Thick Door? Installation Tips

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Having a Schlage Encode can not only make you and your home feel safe and secure, but they are also incredibly easy to use and install! However, if you need to know how to use and install a Schlage Encode on a thick door, don’t worry. We have everything you need to know right here. 

To use a Schlage Encode on a thick door, you will likely need a specialty thick door installation kit, which should be used if your door is between n 1 ⅞” and 2 ¼” thick. From there, the installation process is essentially identical to a standard door size. 

Now, if you want to understand exactly how to use a Schlage Encode on a thick door, along with various installation tips to make the process just a little easier, keep reading. You are going to be an expert in no time.

Can You Use Schlage Encode on a Thick Door?

The very first thing you need to understand is that you absolutely can use a Schlage Encode on a thick door, but only to a certain extent.

You cannot use a Schlage Encode on a door thicker than 2 ¼” thick. Measure your door before you purchase the device, and if needed, purchase a specialty installation kit. The installation kit that comes included with the Schlage Encode only works for doors that are between 1 ⅜” and 1 ¾” thick. 

Therefore, if your door is more than 1 ¾” thick, you will need to purchase an additional thick door installation kit in order to successfully use the Schlage Encode. 

Where Can You Find a Schlage Thick Door Kit?

Once you have measured the thickness of your front door, if it is larger than 1 ¾”, the next thing you need to know is where to find a Schlage thick door installation kit. 

And luckily, Schlage sells them in most hardware stores that sell Schlage smart locks, as well as on their online product page and even on Amazon

You just need to ensure that the kit was specifically made for Schlage smart locks on thick doors. 

How to Install a Schlage Encode on a Thick Door

Next, you need to know how to actually install a Schlage Encode on your thick door. 

So with your thick door kit in hand, here’s how to properly install the smart lock. 

Now, although the instructions are essentially the same for installing a Schlage Encode on a thick door as they are for a standard sized door, there are still a few installation tips that you should be aware of. 

  • Ensure the existing backset is between 2 ⅜” and 2 ¾” thick. If it’s not, the lock itself will not fit, even if you have the thick door kit. 
  • The hole in the door face must be 2 ⅛”. Otherwise, you can use a hole saw to increase the size. 
  • Do not use a power drill. Even though it may seem like a power drill is more efficient than a stand phillips head screwdriver, Schlage specifically states that you should not use one to install the Encode as it may damage the lock. 

Just remember, installing a Schlage Encode on a thick door shouldn’t be any different than installing it on a standard size door (with the exception of purchasing and using the thick door kit.)

Is the Schlage Encode a Good Option for Thick Doors?

Finally, although you now know how to install the Schlage Encode on a thick door, you may want to know if this smart lock is actually the right choice for your door. 

And we have good news! The Schlage Encode is actually one of the best smart lock options on the market for thick doors. 

Of course, it offers a durable and easy-to-install smart lock and several valuable features and offerings that make your life easier and more secure. 

Although it is considered to be one of the more expensive smart locks available today, using the Schlage Encode with the thick door installation kit is a fantastic and reliable option if you have a thick door and want to get the best of the best for your home. 

The Bottom Line

As promised, you are now an expert at using the Schlage Encode on a thick door! 

But just to recap: It’s important to measure your door before you start the installation process. If your door is thicker than 1 ¾”, don’t worry. All you need to do is purchase an additional thick door kit from Schlage to successfully install the device. 

However, you should also remember that if your door is thicker than 2 ¼”, unfortunately, the lock, even with the thick door kit, will not fit your door. 

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